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UL Solutions Surpasses 1-Gigawatt Wind Turbine Evaluation Milestone in Germany, Advancing Safe Generation of Cleaner, More Sustainable Power

UL Solutions has evaluated wind turbines in Germany with a collective energy capacity to power 100 million light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

Wind energy experts from UL Solutions will offer insight on wind farm lifetime optimization and repowering of underperforming wind energy assets at Wind Europe 2024.

Wind turbines in a field near trees on a sunny day

March 19, 2024

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS — March 19, 2024 — UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, has completed lifetime evaluations for wind turbines in Germany with a collective energy capacity of over 1 gigawatt (GW), enough to power 100 million LED bulbs. This milestone represents UL Solutions’ impact in supporting the safe operation of wind turbines that play an essential role in Germany’s transition to renewable energy. 

Turbine lifetime evaluations help turbine owners make informed decisions regarding operations, maintenance and repairs, with the ultimate goals of supporting safety and maximizing the value of operating wind assets. Wind turbines are typically designed for a 20-year expected lifespan. However, in many cases, the actual wind conditions are less aggressive than design conditions, and enough margin exists in the design that the turbine can operate beyond its intended life. This can be determined through an evaluation.

“Lifetime evaluations are a rising priority for the wind energy industry due to aging assets and safety challenges,” said Pauline Levée, engineering leader in the Renewables group at UL Solutions. “While turbine lifetime evaluation is required in Germany, it can also enable wind farm owners and operators to enhance asset valuation, support critical business decisions when approaching the end of design life, and help anticipate component replacements.” 

UL Solutions has carried out these evaluations on customers’ turbines with total capacity adding up to more than 1 gigawatt of energy, which according to the U.S. Department of Energy is enough to power 100 million LED bulbs. EOS Wind is one of UL Solutions’ customers whose project contributed to this milestone. 

“UL Solutions supported EOS Wind in achieving our operational goals, resulting in a report that has been recognized by Germany’s Federal Immission Control Act-approving authorities for continued operation of our wind turbines,” said Gregor Gloystein, Germany area manager at EOS Wind Deutschland GmbH. “Thanks to UL Solutions’ experience with wind turbine evaluations, lifespan and operations, we had the opportunity to identify and manage potential risks with expert opinions and analysis supporting the decision-making process.” 

UL Solutions performs turbine lifetime evaluations according to UL 4143, the Standard for Wind Turbine Generator Life Time Extension. UL 4143 establishes a process of assessing wind assets through on-site inspection of turbines and blades focused on structural integrity. It also provides for an analytical evaluation of site conditions to determine the remaining useful life for each structural component. The evaluation uses wind turbine aeroelastic models and load simulations with inputs from the operator, such as on-site wind measurement data, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data, maintenance and inspection records, information about power curtailment and more. 

The results of the analysis include a risk assessment of the remaining useful life of major structural components, estimates for replacement or remediation costs, recommendations for energy assumptions, and forecasts for operational and capital expenditure costs. 

Members of the UL Solutions wind advisory team will be sharing insight into how to meet the unique challenges of the wind energy industry at Wind Europe, an event that promotes the use of wind power in Europe, March 20-22 in Bilbao. Focus topics will include optimizing wind farm lifetime strategies and extensions and energy assessments for repowering an underperforming wind farm by replacing older wind turbines with newer and more efficient designs. 

Learn more about UL Solutions Wind Energy Advisory Services. 

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UL Solutions reached a wind energy milestone, completing lifetime evaluations for turbines with a collective energy capacity of over 1 gigawatt (GW) in Germany.
UL Solutions reached a wind energy milestone, completing lifetime evaluations for turbines with a collective energy capacity of over 1 gigawatt (GW) in Germany.