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DeepHow, UL Solutions Add Video-Based Training to ComplianceWire

DeepHow’s AI-powered, video-centric platform enables ComplianceWire® users to capture instructional content, improve training delivery, and enhance work force regulatory compliance.

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January 11, 2023

UL Solutions has selected DeepHow’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video-based training platform to add a powerful new capability to ComplianceWire️®, the industry-leading learning management system (LMS) for life-sciences organizations compliance training.

All life-sciences organizations need to provide continuous skills development and competency management processes for their employees and contractors. UL Solutions’ ComplianceWireplatform delivers, tracks and manages qualifications and task-based technical competencies in a compliance-driven environment. It offers an extensive catalog of more than 400 life-science-specific courses, 110 of which were developed jointly with the FDA.

With DeepHow’s video-based skills capture and delivery capabilities integrated within ComplianceWire, UL Solutions’ life-science customers can now supplement their training delivery with engaging video. DeepHow enables training content managers to capture instructional content with a smartphone and turn that content into impactful videos that improve training delivery.

“ComplianceWire has long set the standard for documenting and managing compliance across life sciences. Via DeepHow, ComplianceWire users can now rapidly create and share engaging video standard operating procedures,” said Dr. Mark Lee, senior business development manager with the Product Lifecycle group at UL Solutions.

“Life-science organizations use ComplianceWire to build learning matrices that direct all types of learning assignments, including processes, assessments, classes, computer-based and on-the-job,” said Dr. Sam Zheng, co-founder and CEO of DeepHow. “Now, with DeepHow streamlining the capture and transfer of technical skills, these scientific organizations can progress from compliance training to performance training.”

DeepHow combines the latest advances in AI, natural language processing, computer vision and knowledge mapping to revolutionize how knowledge is captured, digitized and organized. The company has developed and markets an AI-powered work force readiness platform for workplaces where technical skills are essential to perform standard operational procedures. DeepHow streamlines the capture and transfer of technical skills and know-how, compressing project time tenfold, boosting worker performance by 25%, and dramatically reducing overall training and development costs.

For more information, please visit our ComplianceWire GxP Training and Qualification Management for Life Sciences page.

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