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The Code Authority® Newsletter 2022 | Issue 2

The Code Authority® newsletter provides timely updates from UL Solutions on topics of interest to code authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of the built environment.

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November 7, 2022

UL Solutions is a world leader in applied safety science. We provide access to science, translating it from academic discoveries to practical advantages. As the key to a safer and more innovative world, science is pushing forward — we’ll make sure you keep up.

The Code Authority® (TCA) newsletter is developed by industry specialists who have an unbiased stance on the requirements needed to enable a safer built environment.

Firestop Systems: An Important Line of Defense for Fire Safety

Learn about the root causes of improper firestop system specification, installation, inspection and maintenance and offer best practices to help minimize these issues.  

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Firestop Systems in CLT Construction

Learn about the latest developments and new options for certifying firestop and joint systems installed in CLT walls or floors. 

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Update on Code Requirements for Mechanical Refrigeration Systems

Read about latest developments concerning low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant equipment standard updates and new the model code requirements. 

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Innovative Solar Designs Drive Standards and Code Development

As climate change drives the need for more renewable energy generation, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is increasingly being integrated into building construction to replace conventional materials in the building envelope.  

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UL Certification Helps Promote Repurposing of Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries

Successfully repurposing EV batteries depends on a reliable process that helps mitigate risk and sustainability for repurposing facilities.  

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UL Solutions Updates Firestop System Numbering Scheme

UL Solutions, a leading global safety science company, recently announced an update to the numbering scheme for firestop joints and penetrations.  

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Bruce Johnson, managing editor

Bruce Johnson is the managing editor of The Code Authority® newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL Solutions.


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