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Sustainability Talks

Conversations that can inspire responsible, trustworthy action.

Connect with leaders and subject matter experts on Sustainability TalksTM to navigate risk, learn trends and apply sustainable practices for the longevity and integrity of your business. 

Sustainability Development Goals In Action

Businesses are incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their sustainability plans as a way to save money, position for long-term success, and protect the planet and posterity. UL is there to support their efforts. Discover how we help companies achieve greater sustainability, security and safety.

Carbon series

The operation and manufacturing of built environments contribute to a large portion of carbon emissions, a leading cause of global warming. As a leader in carbon transparency, UL is addressing carbon emissions from built environments in this new series of talks with industry professionals who discuss current affairs related to carbon emissions and built environments. Check back often for new conversations, articles and more.

Carbon series: episode one

In this episode, we connect with Lance Davis, sustainability architect for the Federal Government, to talk about his approach to carbon. We also discuss balancing operational and embodied carbon, how carbon fits in with other federal building concerns and future carbon efforts.

Carbon series: episode two

Anica Landreneau, the director of sustainable design at HOK, stop by virtually to discuss the role the building design community can play in reducing carbon footprints. We touch on ZERO Code and its potential impacts, as well as how the industry can address carbon emissions moving forward.

Carbon series: episode three

In this session, we speak with Eden Brukman, senior green building coordinator for the San Francisco Department of Environment. We touch on the current state of carbon in the building industry, plus the various carbon learnings, tactics, goals and milestones for the city of San Francisco.

Carbon series: episode four

We sit down for a quick, 30-minute conversation on carbon mitigation, embodied carbon, LEED version 4 and 4.1, carbon transparency and building materials with Doug Mazeffa, global sustainability director at Sherwin-Williams.

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Carbon Roundtable

UL sits down with a panel of leading industry professionals for an in-depth discussion about carbon emissions related topics and what’s being done globally to tackle carbon emissions.

Coming Soon

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Meet the moderator

Josh Jacobs
Director of Environmental Codes and Standards

As the director of codes and standards at UL, Josh Jacobs helps develop and track global environmental codes, standards and purchasing programs. He has spoken on sustainable building and procurement across five continents. He has worked procurement staff around the world on making their purchases more environmentally friendly. 

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a focus on carbon embodiment. We no longer have the 50-year building life cycles, so carbon mitigation in building materials is more of a focus.

  • Doug Mazeffa, global sustainability director
  • Sherwin Williams

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