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Medium Voltage Distribution Cables

Cables near a brick wall

Medium voltage cables are already being used in a range of industrial applications, and they are fast becoming a key part of the effort to maintain and expand the capabilities of the global energy infrastructure.

Preserving the quality and reliability of medium voltage distribution cables is critical in helping to ensure the safe distribution of electrical power in industrial environments.There are various factors during cable production that can compromise cable quality. If not addressed, these factors can eventually lead to costly repairs and service downtime.

This UL white paper discusses the factors related to the premature failure of medium voltage distribution cables, including those involving production practices and procedures. The paper also outlines the steps that utilities and other industrial users of medium voltage distribution cables can take to monitor cable quality throughout the procurement process, thereby helping to reduce incidents of preventable cable failure. The white paper concludes by reviewing UL’s audit and inspection programs for medium voltage distribution cables.

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