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Industrial Machinery Safety: The UL Mark Tells the Story

The UL Mark can help give stakeholders confidence that your industrial machinery complies with relevant safety standards.

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UL Solutions experts understand the needs of industrial machinery manufacturers. With our industrial machinery testing, evaluation and certification services, we help manufacturers evaluate their industrial machinery for compliance with relevant safety standards across diverse jurisdictions and mitigate the risks of delays, commissioning interruptions, rework and extra costs.

The UL Mark, widely recognized and accepted by regulatory authorities in jurisdictions across the U.S. and Canada, differentiates industrial machinery in the marketplace and helps increase the confidence of customers, regulators and end users. 

Our services for industrial machinery manufacturers include:

  • Third-party component and supply chain review.
  • Engineering support with a transparent overview of risks.
  • Testing performance and safety to standards in the U.S., Canada and other jurisdictions.
  • Certification of individual machines or series of machines.
  • Labeling for certified products.
  • Surveillance, including ongoing inspection, for any product carrying the UL Mark.
  • Listing in the UL Product iQ ® searchable database of UL Certified products.
  • Limited production services for manufacturers producing small volume or unique products.

Our services can help you reduce installation complications, support greater market acceptance and increase brand reputation.

View our infographic to learn more about how our testing, inspection and certification services can help industrial machinery manufacturers evaluate their products for compliance with safety standards, enter new markets and boost confidence among key stakeholders.

Industrial machinery infographic
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