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A Guide to ComplianceWire® Microlearning

ComplianceWire® can help you with your microlearning to elevate business performance.

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What is microlearning?

Microlearning is an educational event that is small, focused and targeted to help you learn one piece of information and one piece only.

Why microlearning is more and more important?

As a technique for delivering content to learners in small and specific bursts over time or as needed, microlearning has become important from a learning and development perspective for several reasons:

  • Short time bursts
  • Delivered anywhere
  • Less learning interference
  • Narrow topic focus
  • Personalized
  • Available when you need it

What are the best types of microlearning in a life science or other regulated industry?

After giving considerable thought to the applications of microlearning for our customers, UL Solutions has
considered three basic approaches:

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To reiterate the main points of content previously covered

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To cover new material, usually only a single topic or two

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Microlearning focuses on content that may need remediation

How should you leverage microlearning in your organization?

There are three different approaches to consider when thinking about implementing microlearning into an organization’s educational offering:

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This approach considers how microlearning can complement an organization’s general focus on compliance through compliance-related instruction to introduce, reinforce or remediate information.

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Complications can arise regarding the safety of technology in the workplace. Organizations need to consider if employees will access content using personal or company devices and potential impacts on the organization’s wireless network.

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When implementing a microlearning strategy, consider what learning requirements already exist for employees.


Microlearning can be an effective tool when implemented into an organization correctly. Review our questions in the guide below before implementing microlearning. UL Solutions experts can help you answer these questions and partner with your team to build a microlearning strategy that helps improve retention, reinforce skills and change learner behavior.

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