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Building and Equipment Safety

Mitigate the impact of a pandemic on your building, equipment and occupants as you prepare to reopen your facility or resume operations.

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Building owners and asset managers face new challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to managing building compliance, sustainability and performance, you must also implement heightened infection control protocols. In some situations, you may also need to ensure that your building systems operate smoothly after a period of dormancy or rearrange interior layouts, machinery or structures to accommodate social distancing requirements. 

Our suite of safety solutions helps you mitigate the impact of a pandemic on your building, equipment and occupants. We offer expert guidance and tools to help you develop rigorous response plans, demonstrate the efficacy of your fire, life safety, security and sanitation processes and assess machinery and equipment to reassure occupants returning to work.

We can help you maintain safe and healthy buildings and equipment from building inspections and food safety and sanitation audits to machine-risk assessments.

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The free risk assessment spreadsheet provides a starting point for industrial machines installed in the U.S. only. For larger or more complex machines, or modern machinery including robotics, please contact us.

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