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Image of the enhanced mark on a black lightbulb

The UL Mark – Enhanced for the Future

Provide fast, easy access to important compliance and product information with the Enhanced and Smart UL Certification Mark and badge system.

Create an Enhanced Mark today

The Enhanced and Smart UL Certification Mark* and badge System were designed to respond to evolving certification and expanding global marketplace needs. All customers using any variation of the UL Listed and UL Classified Marks can switch at no cost to the Enhanced and Smart UL Mark. 

Advantages of using the enhanced Mark include the ability to:  

  • Clearly and quickly demonstrate compliance
  • Enhance communications with authorities and consumers
  • Bundle multiple certifications into a single Mark
  • Reduce the space needed to display multiple UL Marks for global access
  • Provide instant access to certification information and your customizable webpage via a QR code on the Mark

Bundle multiple certifications for multiple markets in a single Mark. Promote multiple-market acceptance and faster deployment. Registration is required to access the Marks Hub, and access is limited to the customers of UL Solutions.

You can quickly build and preview Enhanced and Smart UL Mark and badge designs, and configure your product certification page, at Registration is required to access the Marks Hub, and access is limited to UL Solutions customers.


Geographic codes

The Enhanced and Smart UL Mark uses a two-digit International Organization for Standardization (ISO) country code to indicate the geography whose standards are used for certification.

unique id

Increased traceability

Each Enhanced UL Mark typically has a unique identifier or a file number, providing the increased visibility vital in the global market.

qr code

Easy access to product information

Scanning the embedded QR code in smart versions of the Enhanced Mark or badge provides quick access to additional certification information.

promotional badge

Amplified marketability

The Enhanced and Smart UL Certification Mark system also offers a separate, promotional badge for greater flexibility in marketing initiatives. 

*Enhanced and Smart UL Certification Marks no longer use four-character control numbers except for products covered under Multiple Listing. Although no longer part of the Mark, certain additional information — such as the product name — may also be required on the product in close proximity to the Mark, depending on the product and the category.