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Welcome to the UL iSupplier Portal

How we process purchasing and payables transactions with our global suppliers.

UL Solutions has deployed an improved method for processing purchasing and payables transactions with our global suppliers.

Oracle iSupplier Portal is a secure Internet self-service tool which provides you with the online ability to perform all the functions listed below.

  • Maintain your Company’s information (address, banking, contacts, etc…)
  • Participate with electronic RFQs
  • Acknowledge Purchase Orders
  • Change Promised Dates for Delivery
  • Enter Advanced Shipment Billing Notices (ASBN)
  • Enter Invoices (you will no longer need to send invoices to UL Solutions)
  • View real-time status of invoices, payments, purchase orders and revision information

iSupplier Portal is an important initiative for UL Solutions and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. 

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How do suppliers join the pilot program?
How do I reset my password?

Contact an iSupplier portal administrator for your company or the UL Solutions global sourcing buyer.

My bank is listed several different ways. How do I know which one to choose?

Choose the closest to your own.

What is a responsibility?

It is your menu/access into the portal. Different responsibilities have access to different functions.

What is my Oracle login ID?

Your email address.

What to do if I get the “account period is closed” error?

Wait until the first of the month. If it continues, contact support.

What's the difference between ASBN and invoicing?

ASBN is Advanced Shipping and Billing Notice. ASBN includes shipping information. It is more common for goods.

How are suppliers notified of UL Solutions contractor need?

Via email.