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Windnavigator | For Wind Energy Site Prospecting and Feasibility

Assess wind power potential before committing to a location with our fast, accurate site prospecting software.

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High-quality data helps you assess potential wind sites for your next project 

Everyday wind developers use data to inform their decision making, and the quality of that data can have a significant impact on project outcomes. UL Solutions’ convenient online platform Windnavigator, is designed to help wind prospectors and developers identify potential sites and perform early-stage project development activities by delivering high quality maps and datasets through a web-based interface.  

Prospect greenfield sites and assess competing projects with Windnavigator

Built on UL Solutions’ proprietary 200-meter resolution mesoscale mapping system, Windnavigator provides a quick and easy way for wind developers to analyze and prospect greenfield sites and assess competing projects through a convenient map-based interface. Using the Compass tool, subscribers can use the map to browse point-by-point wind statistics including: 

  • Wind speed (at hub heights up to 140 m)
  • Air density
  • Mean power density
  • Weibull A and k
  • Uncertainty
  • Wind rose
  • Monthly distribution

Conduct your own analysis with site data and reports

The Windnavigator platform gives you the ability to define, purchase, and download data and reports that help you and your team can conduct the following activities:

  • Create wind maps
  • Assess wind resource and energy potential
  • Conduct a measure-correlate-predict analysis
  • Site met towers
  • Design preliminary turbine layouts
  • Obtain preliminary estimates of wind energy

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