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ParkCheck for Cybersecurity

ParkCheck for Cybersecurity can help you navigate cybersecurity requirements and assist you in mitigating cybersecurity risks.

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Securing interconnected systems

As technology evolves and devices become more interconnected, each line of code and point of connectivity can introduce cybersecurity risks. In the automotive, transportation, aerospace, defense, medical device and other regulated industries, interconnected systems can be targeted by attackers who manipulate vulnerabilities and introduce additional risk to public safety.

Building cybersecurity into connected products and systems is critical to developing safer and more secure products. This requires companies involved in developing software-based systems for regulated environments to understand the risk their products face.




UL Solutions Software Intensive Systems can help

Our experienced cybersecurity specialists offer ParkCheck for Cybersecurity featuring interactive threat assessment and remediation analysis (TARA) workshops. ParkCheck for Cybersecurity can support you in:



  • Learning about your products’ cybersecurity risk, threats and attack surfaces.
  • Developing an initial risk mitigation plan.
  • Understanding the process of TARA.
  • Understanding and navigating compliance with requirements put forth by regulations in your domain (such as UN R155, ISO/SAE 21434, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) premarket submission, and IEC 87100-5-1).
  • Achieving excellence in cybersecurity risk management.



ParkCheck for Cybersecurity

ParkCheck for Cybersecurity is designed for a range of professionals involved in the development of software-based products, including:

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Security engineers
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Requirements engineers
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Hardware/software developers
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Production engineers
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Safety engineers
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Systems engineers
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Testing engineers


The ParkCheck process

In a short introductory session, our experts will guide you through our approach to TARA and will help you to determine whether you have the necessary stakeholders and artifacts. 

Our experienced coaches will organize a workshop session for you. During this session, we will conduct TARA with your stakeholders.


During the TARA workshop, we will work together to:


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Model the threats to these assets ⎯ Where is your trust boundary? What is your product’s attack surface? What are the security-relevant interfaces?

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Analyze the risk these threats introduce and how an attacker could realize them ⎯ What are the possible attack paths? How likely are they to be exploited?

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Determine measures to mitigate these risks ⎯ How impactful is a risk? How can it be reduced or avoided?

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Conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment ⎯ Do you create all the necessary TARA work products for your vehicle system assessment or type approval? Do you cover the risk assessment for your medical device’s premarket submission?


Why choose ParkCheck for Cybersecurity?  

UL Solutions Software Intensive Systems applies our knowledge and experience in software and systems engineering for complex, innovative products to offer a robust portfolio of process-based product engineering, high-quality software development, training and consulting services focused on the safety-critical aspects of automotive, medical and other regulated industries.  

ParkChecks are executed by active practitioners who have deep experience in their field as well as extensive training and coaching skills.  

Trainings/workshops do not constitute legal advice, and attending does not guarantee regulatory compliance, certification, product safety or any other result. 


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