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ParkCheck for Agile Product Development

Interactive checkups and individualized insights to help businesses improve agile product development processes and meet their business goals.

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As manufacturers and suppliers of software-based systems face evolving market trends and disruptive innovations, they may find that keeping pace with these conditions requires a fundamental shift in the way they bring products to market. Through iterative processes and enhanced internal communications, agile product development can help organizations optimize workflows, reduce uncertainly and risk, and meet overall project timelines.  

Many companies adopt agile product delivery in efforts to overcome pain points such as decreasing time to market, understanding customer needs or mitigating the risks of late integration. Along the agile transformation journey, they seek an outlet to reflect on the status quo and brainstorm ideas for improvement. Other companies choose agile to scale their product development. Often, such companies seek the guidance of a knowledgeable, neutral expert on their agile development processes.  

UL Solutions Software Intensive Systems can help. We offer interactive, customer-centered checkups to provide independent, individualized insights to help businesses improve product and process quality and meet business goals.



ParkCheck for Agile Product Development

ParkCheck for Agile Product Development engages your employees’ active participation while providing an external perspective on your agile processes, artifacts and practices. As an experienced, neutral partner, we offer a unique opportunity to reflect on your team’s status in your agile transformation. We use your reflections and our independent observations to identify gaps and develop a plan for improvement.

Through guided self-reflective workshops and investigative sessions, we work together to consider the following aspects:


  • Common understanding of agility – Why should you care about agility as a business practice? What challenges do you want to overcome with agile principles and practices?
  • Technical agility – How do your engineering practices support agile product development and delivery?
  • Team agility – How do your teams embody agile values and principles?
  • Agile product development process – How do agile principles and practices guide your product definition, planning and delivery processes? How do critical systems support your quality system?
  • Collaboration architecture – How do you facilitate collaboration across multiple teams to build a product together?



The ParkCheck for Agile Product Development is designed for a range of professionals involved in the development of safety-critical products, including: 

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Engineering managers/team leads
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Systems engineers
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Hardware/software developers
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Testing engineers
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Scrum masters


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Chief technology officers
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Quality/research and development (R&D) leads
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Product owners/ developers/leads
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Data scientists
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The ParkCheck process

In a short introductory session, our experts get to know you and your goals.

Our experienced coaches will organize workshop sessions for you. Throughout these sessions, we will provide specific feedback on your agile processes, artifacts and practices. You may also gain important insights through guided self-reflection. Together we will generate an improvement backlog.





You decide on which of the five ParkCheck
aspects you would like to employ:

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Common understanding of agility

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Team agility

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Technical agility

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Agile product management

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Collaboration architecture




Why choose our ParkCheck for Agile Product Development?

UL Solutions Software Intensive Systems applies our knowledge and experience in software and systems engineering for complex, innovative products to offer a robust portfolio of process-based product engineering, high-quality software development, training and consulting services focused on the safety-critical aspects of automotive, medical and other regulated industries. ParkChecks are executed by active practitioners who have deep experience in their field as well as extensive training and coaching skills.




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