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Experience the benefits of a new technology with AUTOSAR training.

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Switching to a new technology while retaining old applications creates a significant challenge. A newly introduced software architecture may work with some modules only to face compatibility issues with others, creating challenges for both OEMs and suppliers. AUTOSAR, or Automotive Open System Architecture, was created to help the industry overcome these challenges.

Founded in 2003 by a cross industry partnership of OEMs and suppliers, AUTOSAR strives to develop and standardize software frameworks and architectures to support the development of intelligent mobility. However, AUTOSAR can also create challenges for organizations transitioning to the model.


Transition to AUTOSAR with UL Solutions

Our experienced software engineers have been working with AUTOSAR since 2008 and can help ease your transition. Efficient process and project management play a particularly important role in the highly innovative, fast-moving AUTOSAR environment. Our experts work to understand your needs and can help at every stage, including with:

  • Creation and documentation of your software architecture for AUTOSAR systems. 
  • Building of applications for AUTOSAR-compliant development projects and integration into existing AUTOSAR systems.

Our professional AUTOSAR consulting and training services support you throughout the process and help you build the confidence you need to innovate into the future. Engaging with UL Solutions can help you to:

  • Learn the steps required to establish an AUTOSAR-compliant system. 
  • Access support from professionals who will support you in the implementation of new AUTOSAR projects, from ideation to finished product. 
  • Understand how to embed your existing software in an AUTOSAR environment. 
  • Leverage our knowledge to identify the best methods and tools for your business.


Dedicated AUTOSAR training from UL Solutions

We provide comprehensive training to support your growing knowledge of AUTOSAR. Our training, offered in person, online, or on-site at your facility, helps your team build the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence.

We can also work with you to understand your unique products and needs and build training to support your team. These tailored training services combine functional safety and cybersecurity to offer a comprehensive look at AUTOSAR. Current AUTOSAR trainings include:

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AUTOSAR Concepts and Strategies

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AUTOSAR in Practical Applications

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AUTOSAR in Practical Applications (for Software Developers)


Competence across both AUTOSAR platforms  

Our experts bring competence in both AUTOSAR Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform. Although AUTOSAR Classic Platform remains valuable to the industry, electronic control units have changed significantly since their introduction. Adaptive Platform addresses this evolution and brings added capabilities and strengths to support the next generation of automobiles. We can guide you through either platform and help you determine which platform will meet your needs. 

Contact us to learn more about our training and how we can help with your transition to AUTOSAR.


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