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UL-AU Mark Scheme

The UL-AU Mark brings credibility to the market, providing confidence that products and systems meet the applicable regulatory and market requirements for Australia.

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The UL-AU Mark Certification Scheme provides a tailored solution for Australia and New Zealand. UL’s in-region personnel and certification team manage the scheme with deep industry experience, bringing increased credibility to the market with UL’s global reputation underlined by accreditation from the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ)1.

Product testing to prescribed requirements and requested standards is an important part of demonstrating product conformity. Third-party product certification provided by the UL-AU Mark Scheme complements this point-in-time assessment with product evaluation, initial factory auditing and UL Solutions Follow-Up Services to empower trust in UL Solutions certified products. 

Advantages of UL Solutions' certification for Australia and the UL-AU Mark are clear:

  • Faster access to markets through quicker turnaround time
  • A single point of contact to bundle certifications for multiple geographies, especially for products destined for both Australia and the European Union due to similarities in requirements
  • A globally respected UL Mark

The UL-AU Mark Scheme provides the confidence in product conformity that the Australia and New Zealand region demands today. At UL Solutions, we recognize that it’s important to provide certification options for new products as well as transitioning existing products seeking independent third-party certification.

With an established presence in Australia and New Zealand, UL Solutions has developed an in-depth understanding of these markets and the organisations that operate within them. We recognise providing certification options proves essential to meet the conformity demands of the Australia and New Zealand region.

1UL International New Zealand is the formal name of the JAS-ANZ accredited UL Solutions certification body.

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AU-UL Mark Scheme: Product certification that empowers trust

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