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Terminal Payment Security

Providing solutions that help bring interoperable, reliable and secure devices into the market.

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The importance of terminal payment security 

Terminal vendors encounter complex challenges when running test execution or deploying or updating payment terminals. For glitch-free transactions, terminal vendors must meet the rising security and convenience demands of an interconnected and cashless world. Payment terminals also need to be functionally compliant with the specifications set by industry regulators and standardization bodies both globally and locally. Between implementation, testing and certification, you need an easy solution.

UL works with terminal vendors to facilitate the deployment of interoperable and reliable payment acceptance infrastructures for any particular region, country or market. We aggregate efficiency into terminal development processes to enable a scaled or even fully automatized terminal application testing. UL supports terminal vendors with end-to-end support to meet all of terminal implementation needs. Through our accredited laboratories and recognized testing expertise, we can help bring interoperable, reliable and secure devices into the market.

Leverage level 3 brand terminal certification and validation

Organizations involved with acquiring payment transactions are required to comply with payment brand requirements. Leverage level 3 brand terminal certification and validation to help ensure that all your transactions function according to updated protocol and brand requirements. 

For your convenience, we’ve opened two options for you to access our services. Either ship your payment terminal to one of UL’s certified test laboratories in your region, where we’ll help you set up a secure connection to the required host environment while maintaining a clear line of communication with you throughout the process. Or, UL can join your team on-site for a cooperative, one-on-one arrangement.  

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Our payment terminal solutions are designed to offer significant benefits, including:

  • Enhancing the quality of terminal software and the customer experience.
  • Mitigating risks by complying to scheme requirements
  • Shortening certification cycles
  • Enabling aster product development
  • Reducing product error

Why UL for terminal payment services?

You and your customers need to know that your products will perform as expected. It’s a critical component of your success, especially when those products involve advanced technology and interoperability requirements. For decades, we have worked with technologies that require a deep understanding of virtual payments. Working with us, you can be confident that your machines will be tested and, if appropriate, certified to meet applicable standards Our team will answer your questions, share their knowledge and dedicate themselves to your success.

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