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Surface Cleaning Appliance Bacteria Reduction Verification

Demonstrate sanitization and bacteria reduction capabilities to differentiate your surface cleaning appliances in the market.

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In today's market, health and safety are essential considerations for consumers purchasing hard surface cleaning appliances. Stores and online retailers present countless product options with competing marketing claims, which makes finding reliable product performance information a challenge. Third-party verification can provide the confidence buyers need to make informed choices, and the critical differentiation brands need to be a leader in the market.

Sanitization and bacteria reduction claim verification

UL Solutions' sanitization and bacteria reduction marketing claim verification is an objective, science-based assessment that demonstrates the capabilities of hard surface cleaning appliances, such as steam mops and hand-held steam cleaners. We rigorously evaluate each claim's validity to supply your product with the credibility it needs to differentiate from competition, gain consumer trust and increase brand reputation.

The following sanitization and bacteria reduction marketing verification claims are available for hard surface cleaning appliances, such as steam mops and hand-held steam cleaners:

  • Sanitizes* <porous/non-porous/sealed>* hard <floors/surfaces> < with specified cleaning solution/without the use of chemicals> (99.9% bacteria reduction).
  • Reduces 99.9% of bacteria on <porous/non-porous/sealed> hard <floor/surfaces> <with specified cleaning solution/without the use of chemicals>.

*Items in <> are choices based on testing performed and recommended usage in the manufacturer's user manual.

The UL Verified Mark featuring your verified marketing claim can appear on advertising, marketing and packaging or can be printed directly on the product. Each UL Verified Mark comes with a unique identifier that enables consumers to find more information about the product claim on UL Solutions' verification website at

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Third-party product verification to stand out in the marketplace

As one of the world's most trusted names in third-party conformity assessment, we can help you distinguish your surface cleaning appliances in a crowded marketplace. We provide the knowledge and resources needed to transform your quality assurance efforts into real market leadership. You'll be empowered to create better products while simultaneously enabling your customers to make smarter purchasing decisions.


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