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Soft Home Furnishings Testing

Bring safer products to market efficiently with our portfolio of testing and certification services for soft home furnishings.

Bed and Chair Soft Home Furnishings Testing

Soft home furnishing services 

Compliance testing for soft home furnishings is an integral aspect of bringing your products to market. You can rely on our regulatory knowledge and experience in testing and certifying soft furnishings to demonstrate that your product meets applicable regulations in your target markets. 

UL Solutions' testing and certifications for soft furnishings

Our soft home furnishing services aim to support you in your drive to bring your products to market as efficiently and easy as possible. The tests we offer include: 

  • Flammability 
  • Chemical compliance 
  • Performance 
  • Softness and durability 
  • Seam strength 
  • Color fastness

Soft furnishings flammability testing

Flammability testing addresses materials such as fabrics and upholstered furnishing. These tests evaluate the ignition, flame-spread and heat-release properties of your product, conducted in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

Testing to these standards includes a variety of methods established to assess soft furnishing flammability, such as evaluating reaction to heat, cigarette and match tests, radiance plates and small flame testing. 

Soft furnishings chemical compliance

Manufacturers must ensure that their products meet furniture chemical compliance regulations, and retailers are advised to work with safety-savvy vendors and supply chain partners to mitigate the risks of stocking non-compliant products.

UL Solutions serves the entire value chain, by helping manufacturers understand chemical compliance requirements and demonstrate that products meets key global requirements by testing to a wide range of furniture chemical compliance regulations. These requirements include VOC testing of interior products, California Proposition 65, CARB Testing of Formaldehyde Emissions for Composite Wood Products, CARB ATCM and EPA TSCA Formaldehyde Compliance Solutions and more. 

Soft furnishings performance testing

Performance testing plays a vital role for soft home furnishings. Manufacturers and retailers depend on the quality and performance of their soft home products to uphold brand integrity and reputation. 

Our performance test offerings include surface tests, fast-aging tests, mechanical and structural tests, component tests and suitability of packaging tests.

Our testing and certification services for products and industries 

Softness and durability testing for mattresses and beds

We can perform softness and durability tests to measure the load/deflection curve of a new mattress or bed set and determine the initial hardness value (H) and firmness rating (Hs), which are required in the European standard EN 1957, Furniture—Beds and Mattresses—Test Methods for the Determination of Functional Characteristics and Assessment Criteria.

Textiles, apparel and footwear

We’re well-versed in the safety standards established to protect people from potentially hazardous materials used to manufacture textiles, apparel and footwear. The procurement, construction and performance of these items can come with certain risks, which is why we offer a full suite of services that help you demonstrate that your product meets the regulations and standards necessary to manufacture, sell and distribute in your target markets. 

Our textile and apparel testing and certification services include development fabric and production testing, chemical management, care instruction and labeling, flammability testing, colorfastness and lightfastness. Our services for footwear include product testing to international standards, testing aromatic amines derived from AZO colorants and testing to state regulations such as California Proposition 65.


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