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Robotic Lawn Mower Safety Testing and Certification

Safety testing, assessment and certification services to IEC 60335-2-107 for robotic lawn mowers.

Aerial view of robotic lawn mower.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for robotic lawn mower end users. So, when trying to test your products against safety standards, it’s important to, work with a trusted partner and a leader Like UL Solutions. When your distributors, retailers and end users see the UL Mark, they'll know your products comply with the latest safety and performance standards.

For robotic lawn mower end users, safety is one of the biggest concerns, so making it a priority to work with a partner who has been a leader in testing against safety standards and certification will offer them confidence. Your distributors, retailers and end users will recognize the UL Mark and know that your products have undergone rigorous assessments and comply with the latest safety and performance standards.

And it's not just the physical safety of the mower, but the interoperability as well, including any GPS navigation, Bluetooth, wireless connectivity and software apps. Integrating software and connectivity into your products introduce new interoperability requirements. Furthermore, now that your robot mower has joined the Internet of Things (IoT), cybercriminals have another point of access to your end user's network. UL Solutions will work with your development team to assess your products' interoperability and cybersecurity features before your products are introduced on the market, helping avoid costly customer support and damaging your brand’s reputation.

UL Solutions offers services for robotic lawn mower manufacturers

Our customers rely on us to deliver the necessary knowledge, tools and training to get their innovations tested and certified to meet regulations around the world. UL Solutions is qualified to help you understand IEC 60335-2-107, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part 2-107: Particular Requirements for Robotic Battery Powered Electrical Lawn mowers.1 Our experienced engineers evaluate your robotic lawn mowers for compliance with this and other safety standards and regulations.

You may also call on our engineers for prototype reviews, product performance benchmarking and reliability testing to help you streamline your product development and certification cycle.

We stay by your side, giving you a single-source of dedicated support and expertise you can leverage whenever you need it. With a global footprint of laboratories, we can test your products at a convenient location, helping you facilitate faster access to major markets.

Software and component testing for robotic lawn mowers interoperability

Your robotic lawn mower probably has an associated software application that can connect wirelessly via smartphone. Leverage our expertise to validate that your product works as expected with other relevant devices and conforms to appropriate standards and technology platforms. We test to many IoT and wireless standards and requirements, such as those defined by Bluetooth SIG, Thread Group, Wireless and Zigbee Alliance.


A robotic mower may not seem to be a cyber attacker's primary focus, but because the mower connects to a network, an attacker may try to exploit it to access the overall system. Our experts can help you uncover potential software weaknesses, malware and known vulnerabilities and help address risk controls.

Battery testing

IEC 60335-2-107 covers additional battery operation and charging requirements. Specific requirements for the cells within battery packs are covered by IEC 621332. To comply with battery operation and charging requirements, the batteries must be tested under various normal and abnormal operating conditions, including abnormal discharge, short circuit, overcharging and others. We will assess the battery packs and battery management systems to safety standards to help minimize the potential risk of fire or explosion.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

To avoid costly redesigns late in the development process, it's important to understand EMC and wireless standards and how they may impact a product's design and build. Our EMC and wireless tests assess how robotic mowers operate when subjected to conditions they may encounter while typically maintaining a lawn or recharging at a docking station.

Benefit from our extensive outdoor machine and power tool service portfolio

UL Solutions is an established global leader in the testing against safety standards and and certification of outdoor machines and power tools, including:

  • Lawn and garden machinery, e.g., gas combustion-powered and robotic mowers, leaf blowers and snow blowers.
  • Circular saws, table saws and chain saws.
  • Electric, motor-operated hand tools.
  • Electric or battery-operated drills and nail guns.

We are qualified to help you understand and comply with international industry standards and regulations, including UL safety Standards and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, such as the IEC 62841 series.

  • Safety testing and certification for North America access – We can evaluate your product for conformance to standards applicable to the North American market.
  • The UL Mark – Products that have been certified to meet scientific safety, quality or security standards can affix the UL Mark, which has global recognition and acceptance with code authorities.
  • Battery and charger testing – We conduct performance and safety standard testing for all types of power tool batteries and chargers.
  • CB report based on appropriate IECEE standard for worldwide access – UL Solutions is one of the most recognized issuers of IECEE CB Certificates.
  • Performance testing – We conduct performance testing throughout your power tool's product development cycle.
  • Smart connected tools services – Our engineers will test your power tool products for conformance to privacy and cybersecurity standards.
  • Certification needs assessment – We’re here to assess which certifications you need and help you navigate the certification process.
  • Commitment to answer questions quickly – Our responsive, on-call staff can lend engineering expertise to your staff anytime, anywhere you do business.

1 ANSI/OPEI 60335-2-107 has adopted IEC 60335-2-107 as the North American standard.

2 IEC 62133, Secondary Cells And Batteries Containing Alkaline Or Other Non-Acid Electrolytes - Safety Requirements For Portable Sealed Secondary Cells, And For Batteries Made From Them, For Use In Portable Applications.


  • IEC and ANSI/OPEI 60335-2-107, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part2-107: Particular Requirements for Robotic Battery Powered Electrical Lawn mowers.
  • IEC 62133, Secondary Cells And Batteries Containing Alkaline Or Other Non-Acid Electrolytes - Safety Requirements For Portable Sealed Secondary Cells, And For Batteries Made From Them, For Use In Portable Applications.
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