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Public Health Safety and Performance Certification

Launch your pool, spa, and hot tub products confidently by testing and certifying to NSF/ANSI 50 with the industry’s experts at UL Solutions.

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Public health and safety for water products

Meeting public health and safety regulations for water products requires specific knowledge and expertise to clear hurdles and critical certification challenges. 

Water products have seen strong growth in the last 10 years. The trends driving growth in the water industry are efficiency, safety and ease of use. In addition, all major markets have strict guidelines on public health and safety. All of this means that manufacturers now have to be more savvy and fulfill all applicable safety regulations to enable seamless entry into the market. 

For manufacturers targeting global markets, it is more important than ever to choose the right water testing expert to guide you through the complexities of compliance testing and certification.

Streamline certifications

With UL Solutions’ expertise in NSF/ANSI 50 we can help you streamline the certification process for:

  1. Material evaluations to Annex N-1 (formerly Annex A). 
  2. Product certification evaluations (pool filters, pumps, skimmers, valves, etc.).

Our customers rely on us to deliver the necessary knowledge, tools and training to get their innovations tested and certified to meet regulations anywhere in the world. Call on our field evaluation engineers for prototype reviews, product performance benchmarking and reliability testing to help you streamline your product development and certification cycle. 

We also help manufacturers develop safer products with our preliminary investigation services that can help identify issues throughout the product development cycle.  

Evaluating water products for health and safety

During the evaluation process, UL Solutions tests for typical conditions described in the standards to confirm that products comply with the regulations. We test to confirm that in case of known equipment failure modes, the risk or harm to the user is minimized, thereby protecting you and your customers.

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