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PCI 3-D Secure and EMV® 3-D Secure SDK

Security requirements and assessment procedures

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What is PCI 3d secure?

PCI has developed a set of security requirements specific to 3DS SDKs (PCI 3DS Security Requirements and Assessment Procedures for EMV® 3-D Secure SDK) and a corresponding approval program (PCI EMV® 3-D Secure 3DS SDK Program Guide).

PCI 3ds requirements cover:

  • Protection of cardholder data and reference data
  • Minimal storage of sensitive data
  • Integrity checks on the application and platform
  • Resistance against reverse engineering
  • Mitigations of side channel leakage of sensitive information
  • Correct use of PCI approved cryptography

UL Solutions can support you at each stage of the evaluation process to optimize performance and efficiency.

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