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Healthcare Asset Management

Improve healthcare asset management for medical devices, equipment and supplies to better prepare for future public health emergencies.

Multiple ventilators and respirators in stock in a clinic warehouse

Effective management of healthcare assets, including medical devices, equipment and supplies, is essential for improving how governments, healthcare providers and the public respond to future pandemics and other health crises.

Many medical products have been brought to market under emergency-use provisions to address COVID-19. Once the pandemic is brought under control, UL experts can help manufacturers and regulators identify methods for repurposing those products for use under nonemergency circumstances. In cases where manufacturers must remove products supplied under emergency-use authorizations from the market once a crisis is over, UL can help ensure safe and efficient disposal of these supplies. Our healthcare regulatory experts and field engineers can provide facility audits to help healthcare providers properly stow or refurbish their emergency assets in accordance with the most current local government safety guidelines.

We can also help medical device and supply manufacturers and distributors gain efficiencies with warehousing and logistics to provide local-level governments and healthcare systems better access to necessary products during public health emergencies.

The UL medical equipment refurbishment program can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and rebuilders extend the life and investment of their assets with a UL Classified Mark. We conduct secondary repeat regulatory audits (ISO 13485) where we will reevaluate the altered medical device components in accordance to the latest published standard. We will perform a quality documentation review regarding the finished product alteration and component substitution. Refurbished products made by OEMs and rebuilders with sufficient technical knowledge and facilities found to be in compliance are eligible to bear the UL Mark with the “rebuilt” identifier.

Person holding yellow batteries in their hands.

Safe Battery Disposal and Recycling

UL’s nonprofit affiliate, Underwriters Laboratories, conducts battery safety research which can inform decisions to create safer health care environments for essential workers and patients.

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