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Green Wire and Cable Certification Programs

UL Solutions' green wire and cable program addresses confusion and/or concerns about halogen free (HF), low smoke halogen free (LSHF), restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) and acid gas (AG) compliant cables and the materials used in these cables.

Bundle of cables together

Testing a variety of materials for green wire and cables

We address industry and other concerns regarding “self-verified” claims about green wire and cables with independent, third-party testing performed in our facilities, based on applicable regulations, standards and guidance.

Halogen Free (HF) and Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) 

In 2015, UL Solutions published the Outline of Investigation for Acid Gas, Acidity and Conductivity of Combusted Materials and Assessment of Halogens. The test method described for the Assessment of Halogens was based on IEC 62821-1/-2 standards. 

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) 

This program evaluates compounds and components used in any UL Listed or Recognized wire and cable constructions to ensure that they comply with the maximum allowable substance concentration thresholds specified in the European Directives for restricted substances.

Acid Gas (AG)

Under UL Solutions' compound and component material Recognition program, suppliers have the ability to certify their products for compliance for IEC 60754-1 and/or IEC 60754-2. In addition to the IEC standards, the new Acid Gas 14 (AG14) Mark has been developed. All nonmetallic compounds and components contained in the wire or cable construction are evaluated to the Acid Gas Emission test in accordance to UL 2556.

Benefits of our green wire and cable program

Cable designers can use one set of requirements for their designs that can be sold and applied around the world and do not rely on self-declaration/certification. Even more importantly, the end user has clarity as to what requirements apply.

Why UL Solutions for green wire testing and certification

  • UL Solutions' safety, performance and marketing claim verification system  helps promote compliance and reduce risk across the entire supply chain.
  • Our Follow-up Service (FUS) program helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge based on quality, reputation and service, making it more difficult for manufacturers that produce counterfeit or inferior products to survive.
  • Our longstanding history in certification and standards development makes us a trusted thought leader in the compliance arena. Stakeholders rely on UL Solutions for research, knowledge and technical solutions to address safety issues and advise on new technologies.
  • Comprehensive factory and market surveillance programs help to ensure a more compliant supply chain, fair competition in the marketplace, and reduce the risk and costs associated with unsafe products while helping to protect brand reputation and the integrity of the UL Mark.
  • UL Solutions' anti-counterfeiting program leverages law enforcement expertise with a fully dedicated global security and brand protection operation team who work with authorities and global customs agencies combat counterfeiting.
  • The use of the holographic label system sets UL Solutions apart by establishing a unique identifier for customs, regulators, buyers, retailers and consumers.
  • Some product categories have the option for an additional on-demand promotional opportunity to include a direct link to your company website, product page, brochure, data sheet or flyer through Product iQTM databases.
  • UL Solutions offers global testing and certification solutions for acceptance in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asian countries. UL Solutions ranked second in terms of the number of CB certificates issued worldwide.1
  • We continue to extend UL Solutions' capabilities and services to meet our customers’ increasing needs. Our goal is to help our customers rapidly develop and launch safer, superior products and meet the shifting requirements of a changing world.


  1. Based on statistics released from 2011 to 2017 by IEC System of Conformity Assessment for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE)