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Functional Safety Training for Semiconductor Professionals

Obtain personnel certification for ISO 26262:2018.

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Course overview

UL Solutions designed this 2.5-day course for engineers, developers and managers seeking to apply ISO 26262 to their safety-related semiconductor programs.

The training starts with an overview of ISO 26262:2018, followed by an in-depth discussion of all semiconductor key topics in ISO 26262, Part 11, Guidelines on Application of ISO 26262 to Semiconductors.

UL Solutions expert instructors will describe functional safety for a wide range of semiconductor technologies and components including microcontrollers, analog and mixed-signal designs, programmable logic devices, memories and intellectual property (IPs). The course covers functional safety analyses such as dependent failure analysis (DFA) and failure modes, effects and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) from a semiconductor viewpoint, including worked examples of DFA and FMEDA. 

What does this training cover?

  • Introduction to ISO 26262:2018
  • SEooC framework for semiconductor elements
  • Semiconductor component development according to ISO 26262, Part 11
  • Software development according to ISO 26262, Part 6
  • Semiconductor quantitative hardware metrics
  • Functional safety for semiconductor technologies
    • Digital components including microcontrollers and memories
    • Analog elements
    • Programmable logic devices
    • IPs
  • DFA
  • Semiconductor safety evaluation

Optional UL Certified Functional Safety Professional Exam

Participants who complete all 2.5-days of training are eligible to take a two-hour certification exam on the afternoon of the third day. Those who pass the exam are individually certified as UL Certified functional safety professionals in semiconductors, or UL-CFSP.

Upon successfully completing the UL-CFSP exam, participants will receive a certificate and badge that they can use to demonstrate their competence in automotive functional safety. The certification is good for three years, after which they may recertify.

Why should I take this training?

Upon successfully completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of functional safety concepts, principles, standards and management across the value chain
  • Understand safety goals and automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL)
  • Apply ISO 26262 processes for functional safety to a wide variety of semiconductor products.
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative safety analysis (techniques such as FTA, FMEA and FMEDA) throughout the development process
  • Perform DFA for semiconductor products
  • Evaluate quantitative hardware metrics including SPFM, LFM and PMHF
  • Define a software development process per the required ASIL

Who is this training for?

  • Engineers, developers, project leaders, quality managers and testing personnel who are developing safety-critical automotive semiconductors based on ISO 26262
  • Leaders of organizations involved in engineering development of automotive electronic systems, hardware, software and processes
  • Semiconductor industry professionals seeking a better understanding of functional safety of automotive electronic systems and the ISO 26262 standard
  • Safety and quality professionals responsible for ISO 26262 compliance

Why choose UL Solutions?

From materials testing to supply chain management, new energy options to security and interoperability solutions, leverage our expertise and insights to navigate the global regulatory landscape and bring your products to market.

UL Solutions’ global network of technical experts and state-of-the-art facilities, along with our longstanding relationships with regulatory authorities, partner laboratories and industry technical leaders, helps manufacturers gain the compliance credentials they need to compete in a more complex global supply chain.

Knowledge you can trust – Our experienced staff will support you from the initial design stage of product development through testing and production. Our experts can assist you in understanding the certification requirements for your specific markets.

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Single-source provider – UL Solutions can meet all of your compliance needs and, by bundling safety, performance and interoperability services, can also help save you valuable time and money.

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ISO 26262 Semiconductor Training with Optional Certification Exam

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