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Fire Door Product Certification for the China Market

Stand out from the competition and demonstrate compliance with fire door safety regulations and standards with the UL China Mark.

Green emergency fire doors

The new UL China Mark

The UL China Mark program indicates that fire doors have been tested and assessed to comply with China’s mandatory product standard GB 12955 for fire resistant door sets and hose stream test of UL 10C.

UL Solutions provides this voluntary Mark as an independent, third-party certification (TPC) body for the China market to meet fire door standards and regulations, which can enhance consumer confidence in the safety, and quality of the product as well as guide consumers’ purchase decisions and protect their interests.

The UL China mark helps your business to be more competitive since:

  • Our brand reputation helps you gain worldwide acceptance and recognition, local presence and stand out from your competition.
  • The UL China Mark indicates that fire doors comply with China’s mandatory product GB 12955 for fire resistant door sets.
  • With our UL China Mark program, our testing methods and factory inspections help demonstrate higher safety integrity and enhanced quality for fire doors in the Chinese market.

Chinese fire door manufacturers and manufacturers from other geographies interested in exporting their fire door products to China can rely on UL Solutions for experience and expertise of local standards and regulations to increase the chances that their products will comply with requirements to get them certified. The scheme includes: 

  • Type tests according to the testing standard requirements.
  • Initial factory inspection after receiving qualified test report.
  • Evaluation, review and certification decisions.
  • Surveillance, including routine supervision and inspection and the factory quality assurance ability for verification.

The benefits of the UL China Mark

for your fire door products

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Brand awareness

Stand out from your competition by partnering with a globally recognized partner with a local presence. The third-party certification provides confidence and can help to minimize risk for all your stakeholders (your business team, customers, consumers, code authorities, etc.) by evaluating for compliance and providing evidence to code authorities from an unbiased third-party organization.

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We support manufacturers looking to export to markets that mandate third-party certification, as well as local testing to meet China’s market demands.

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Competitive advantage

The UL China Mark Certification is achieved through more rigorous UL Solutions testing methods and plant inspections which helps to demonstrate your commitment to higher safety integrity and enhanced quality for fire doors in the Chinese market.

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For over a century, UL Solutions has been testing and certifying products to safety standards and regulations. The UL Mark has helped inspire customer confidence in products’ safety and quality for many years, all around the world.

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Customized testing

Our experienced engineers can evaluate your current products and make a customized testing plan for customers.

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Our credibility

UL Solutions' global brand reputation enables worldwide acceptance and recognition.


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