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Digitalization Solutions for Plastic and Chemical Industries

UL Prospector®: Technology, data and expertise for digital transformation

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UL Prospector Product Information Management services

The increasing demand for transparency makes data integrity and accessibility essential in today’s market. Prospector Product Information Management services make it easy to manage technical data efficiently and consistently.

  • Provide the data your customers need in real time.
  • Reduce errors and liability by eliminating manual data management.
  • Integrate the Prospector database to enrich and disseminate your data via a customizable API. 
  • Keep your data secure and consistent in a single database.
  • Improve the customer experience by automating distribution across your website, distributors’ websites and Prospector database listings.
  • Let our Prospector tool take the challenge out of technical datasheet development and maintenance with turnkey solutions for the creation, management and distribution of technical datasheets. 
  • Save time by streamlining translations and updates.

Prospector Data Integrations

With Prospector Data Integrations, we work with you to develop a truly unique tool for product development.

  • Incorporate information necessary for product selection like approved vendors and raw material questionnaire (RMQ) data, highlight materials that have completed the testing process, and more.
  • Connect engineering/R&D, purchasing and compliance on one platform.
  • Leverage the Prospector database’s material selection so you can focus on product innovation and getting your product to market.
  • Reduce product formulator training by utilizing the Prospector platform, which they are already familiar with.

This robust offering can help you speed up your product development cycle and brings together the vital data you need for intelligent design.

  • Help R&D select materials that meet company requirements the first time.
  • Reduce back and forth between R&D, regulatory and procurement teams.
  • Save time and money vs. building a homegrown material search system. 
  • Incorporate vital information that only UL Solutions can provide, e.g., UL Solutions Yellow Card data.

Private label website search capabilities

Incorporate the cutting-edge Prospector database search technology into your website. This seamless experience allows you to provide your website visitors world class material search functionality while keeping them on your own website.

The Private Label Search puts Prospector search technology on your website, securing technical information for only your products. Fully leverage the search technology with intelligence around who is interested in and viewing your products.

UL Solutions Yellow Card plugin

Highlight and incorporate your products’ UL Solutions Yellow Card certifications on your website. The Yellow Card plugin is the simplest way to immediately notify existing and future customers of your UL Certified products. Showcase your compliance test data in the familiar Yellow Card format to offer a trusted view to your website visitors. UL Solutions experts continually refresh and validate information.

It is easy to get started. We can provide you a small piece of code to implement on the appropriate page of your website. Yellow Card information is available immediately once the code is implemented. We maintain and continually refresh the data directly on your website.


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