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Sample CTA-2045 AC Port
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Demand Response Testing

Assess compliance with the OpenADR Alliance, plus get ENERGY STAR® and NEEA testing and certification — all under one roof.

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The transition toward an ecofriendly economy is complex. As the world moves to incorporate renewable resources and give consumers more control over their energy use, demand response programs support electric system planners and operators in meeting their sustainability goals while balancing supply and demand.

Managing increasing energy needs and decentralized production requires cost-effective solutions. The OpenADR Alliance is working to standardize this new playing field with an open, highly secure two-way information exchange model for utilities.

ANSI/CTA-2045 specifies the standard technology energy management signals and messages use to reach modular communications interfaces (MCI). These devices facilitate communications with energy management applications and transmissions between the power grid and residential devices, allowing consumers to shift or reduce their electricity usage during peak times. 

OpenADR is the standardized process for demand response protocol, and it defines the interface a utility company uses to interact with consumer products. Utility companies can remotely communicate with consumer devices and adjust how much energy is transferred using this technology to reduce grid stress and make it more manageable. 

UL Solutions tests CTA-2045/OpenADR standardized products and other methods for delivering flexible demand response services for various products, including appliances, water heaters, pool pumps and more. This includes ENERGY STAR® and other testing standards that are, or will soon be, released to the public.  

Many manufacturers already include CTA-2045 specified ports in their products. Washington and Oregon are the first to adopt demand response technologies and make CTA-2045 compliance mandatory for electric storage water heaters, with other product categories coming soon. California and other states are expected to follow suit.  

Demand response testing is projected to increase as more states consider or fully enact legislation to include demand response and CTA-2045 compliance requirements. In addition to mandatory requirements from legislation, many groups are creating their own set of testing standards, including ENERGY STAR® and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) (effective in July 2022).

Comprehensive testing and certification to OpenADR, CTA-2045, and EcoPort specifications 

Comply with the OpenADR Alliance and get ENERGY STAR® and NEEA-compliant testing and certification — all under one roof.  

Having OpenADR/EcoPort certification provides manufacturers with the credentials to market and sell their water heaters or other products in Washington, Oregon, and other states and regions that will soon follow. Upon approval, your products can also be listed on the OpenADR Alliance website and be allowed to bear the various certified stickers and labels as required. 

UL Solutions is a global leader in safety science, with a full range of testing and certification capabilities to help reduce the need for redundant tests. We work hard to make our procedures go smoothly and offer complete test setups for multiple devices or tests on many unique devices. 

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CTA-2045 and OpenADR/EcoPort Certification regarding VTNs (Virtual Top Nodes) and VENs (Virtual End Nodes)


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