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Chemical Policy Management

Manage sustainability and environment, health and safety aspects of your products along the supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods.

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Manage the chemicals used in your products

With a strong desire to reduce potential environmental and human health risks around chemicals of concern, retailers and manufacturers are moving beyond regulatory requirements. They are working to establish programs that reduce or eliminate certain chemicals from their supply chain, manufacturing processes and products.

We work with organizations to design and implement customized chemical policies based on your unique needs and offer digital solutions to effectively manage those policies.

One of the greatest challenges organizations face in managing chemical policies is in the collection of information from suppliers. Historically, organizations have relied on email, spreadsheets and/or word documents to collect information. This approach creates security concerns around the protection of intellectual property and critical business information. Additionally, this manual process of collecting and sharing information often leads to limited responses from suppliers and data quality issues, ultimately leaving data gaps that are a concern for many organizations.

You can leverage our digital solutions, backed by strong science and regulatory expertise, to establish and communicate those policies and resulting requirements.This helps to better manage the chemicals being used in the manufacture of products.

Supply chain and product portfolio management

We bring the supply chain together — easing the flow of information and accelerating the development of sustainable products. Our solutions will:

  • Enable companies to share information about material inputs, products and suppliers up and down the supply chain
  • Allow purchasers to convey their specifications to manufacturers and collect the information they need to buy better products
  • Provide tools for manufacturers to collect the information they need from their suppliers to optimize their products and better meet purchaser requirements
  • Easily evaluate products against a wide range of regulatory and/or enterprise-specific requirements
  • Create customizable qualification and scoring rules that make it easy to sort products by quality and identify areas of strength or weakness
  • Share your organizations chemical policies with manufacturers and suppliers, so entire supply chains can work in collaboration to produce better products
  • Enable you to conduct in-depth evaluations of chemical compositions or bills of material


Go beyond regulatory compliance and streamline the process of creating and meeting retailer sustainability standards with our dynamic PurView platform.

Supply Chain Network

Reduce the manual efforts of product questionnaires and increase accuracy and integrity while building data equity with Supply Chain Network.

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