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Building Envelope Performance Mock-up Testing

Validate the design, materials and performance of your building façade prior to construction.

Photo of a building mock up sample shot from below

Overview of Performance Mock-up Testing

Understanding how your building façade will perform prior to construction is critical to architects, consultants and construction project leaders. Testing mock-ups of the façade can save significant time and costs in construction by identifying and understanding how the façade will perform and making necessary changes to design and materials prior to construction.

Full range of building envelope testing capabilities and expert staff

Our dynamic team of highly specialized and experienced staff can test your curtain wall and façade mock-ups to the American architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), ASTM, Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) and European Standards (EN), as well as to project specifications. We can test for extreme weather conditions ranging from air infiltration, water penetration (static and dynamic), wind loads and impact testing.

Service Varennes, Quebec, Canada Northbrook, IL U.S. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Telford, Shropshire, England
Laboratory Testing – Air        
ASTM E2178, E2357 X X X  
ASTM E1186 X   X  
ASTM E1424   X    
EN 12153 & CWCT Section 5 – Air Permeability       X
Laboratory Testing – Interstory Drift        
AAMA 501.4, 501.6, 501.7 X X X  
AAMA 501.4       X [Not Accredited (NA)]
Laboratory Testing – Impact & Cycling        
Storm Shelter/Tornado -  ICC 500   X    
Hurricane – TAS 201, 202 , 203 or ASTM E1886, ASTM E1996 X X    
AAMA 506 X      
AMCA 540   X    
EN 14019 & CWCT Section 15 – Impact Resistance       X
CWCT Technical Note No. 76 – Impact test on Rainscreen       X
CWCT Technical Note No. 67 – Safety & Fragility Test of Glazed Roofing       X
Laboratory Testing - Water        
ASTM E547 X X X  
AAMA 508, 509 X   X (NA)  
AAMA 501.1:1994 & CWCT Section 7 – dynamic water penetration (On-site also) X X X X (lab only)
AMCA 550   X    
EN 13051 & CWCT Section 10 - Spraybar Testing       X
EN 12155 & CWCT Section 6 – Watertightness Under Static Load       X


Service Varennes, CAN Northbrook, US Toronto, CAN Telford, UK
Laboratory Testing - Structural        
AAMA 1605.1, 1606   X    
EN 12179 & CWCT Section 11/12 – Resistance to Wind Loading       X
CWCT Section 17 – Structural Movement       X (NA)
EN 13830 – Curtain Wall Testing       X
Laboratory Testing – Thermal        
AAMA 1503, 1506 X X X  
AAMA 501.5 X X X  


Why UL Solutions?

  • We are a single gateway to your testing and certification needs; by bundling services we can help you save time and money.
  • Our experts provide the testing and certification services you need to meet requirements to access global markets.

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