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360 Sustainability Essentials Software

Rated #1 by Verdantix, our award-winning investment-grade sustainability data management system is available as an out-of-the-box solution. 360 Sustainability Essentials includes everything you need to report to leading frameworks while allowing you to focus on performance improvements.

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Kick start your sustainability reporting program with 360 Sustainability Essentials

GRI, CDP and SASB ready – all your environmental, social and governance (ESG) data out of the box

360 Sustainability Essentials makes it easy to collect reliable data across your whole organization, whether you collect data centrally or delegate it worldwide. Designed as an easy-to-deploy, low-cost model of our award-winning software suite, everything you need for Sustainability Accountability Standards Board (SASB), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting is included. 360 Sustainability Essentials gives you the starting points needed to run a successful sustainability program without the guesswork.


Gather data from across your organization on the most common KPIs.

Environment, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, human resources, safety, compliance, community and internal benchmarking, we have you covered.


Track your emissions against our standard library of factor sets. Utilize the inbuilt automated calculations for intensity factors and other standard metrics such as lost time incident frequency rate, percent of male/female employees.

Review data trends in flexible sustainability reporting tools

Our sustainability reporting tools provide flexible, configurable reports and dashboards that can be shared throughout your organization. We’ll get you started with charts covering the most common metrics, like waste, water and energy.

Features and benefits

Corporate Responsibility is about more than collecting and holding data, it’s about sharing it with your stakeholders in a transparent manner. We take our clients beyond the first hurdle of data collection and give them tools to support their reporting:

  • Deploys quickly to use right away
  • Saves time through automated data chasing, status reports and templated reports
  • Reduces mistakes by automated quality checks and calculations
  • Increases transparency with comprehensive audit trails
  • Focuses you on program improvements instead of data headaches
  • Allows you to easily spot your best and worst-performing locations to course correct and share lessons learned
  • Highly scalable model to expand as your business grows 
  • The UL Solutions advisory team can provide advice on specific topics, or our dedicated consultancy service can become part of your team

Follow up and communicate

The templated report provides everything you need to communicate your data to your stakeholders.

Manage and improve performance

Set actions to manage follow-up. Add ons are available for managing targets and initiatives.

Find out more about the power of 360 software

Businesses and brands worldwide trust UL Solutions to deliver intuitive investment grade non-financial reporting software, strategic partnerships and advisory services.

What's included? 

  • Welcome dashboard, announcements center and step by step user guides

  • Interactive dashboards

  • League tables for benchmarking your portfolio

  • Automated workflows with email notifications and approval steps for your pre-set user roles

  • Data collection templates including conditional questions, data validation, audit trail and follow up actions

  • Environment, GHG, Safety, Compliance, HR, Community

  • Pre-configured indicator set for your GRI and CDP reporting needs. SASB add-ons

  • Top reports used by sustainability professionals in leading companies

  • Most frequently used GHG emission factor sets