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UN Sustainable Development Goals: Unlocking Business Value

Learn how businesses are using sustainability to gain a competitive advantage and pursuing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to communicate their achievements.

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Learn how businesses are pursuing  the UN Sustainable Development Goals with speakers from UL and the UN Global Compact, and how tools such as the SDG Action Manager can help companies evaluate material SDGs. Understand the frameworks and services that can help companies take action on SDG materiality assessments to align with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) data requirements of investors and other stakeholders. This webinar is ideal for companies that are just starting their SDG journey.

Learning objectives: 

In this on-demand webinar, we will cover: 

•    Overview on the SDGs and their goals
•    Why companies are pursuing alignment with the SDG goals 
•    How to use the UNGC SDG Action Manager to identify material SDGs to your organization
•    The top five actions you can take to kick off your SDG-aligned, ESG-relevant, sustainability strategy 


Catherine Sheehy, UL manager of environment and sustainability global partnerships

Adam Gordon, SDG advocate and engagement director for the United Nations Global Compact's U.S. Network

Sarah Tran, corporate sustainability, strategic partnerships, UN Global Compact

Webinar date:

August 20, 2020

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Unlocking Business Value with the SDGs

17 Sustainable Development Goals

Businesses can contribute to a safer, more sustainable world. How are you contributing?

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