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UL Collaborates with IBHS for Shingle Performance Rating Testing

Learn about the New Shingle Performance Evaluation Program, a collaboration between UL and the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS).

Two hands holding hail stones

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) recently applied their scientific knowledge of hailstone composition, study of field data, and laboratory research to develop a new test protocol. The objective of the new protocol expands on test methods, such as UL 2218, the Standard for Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials, FM 4470 and FM 4473, to a test that does factor in damage such as denting and granule loss. This type of damage can often lead to major insurance claims. To mitigate these losses and better serve the roofing industry, UL and IBHS collaborated to increase manufacturer access to testing for the IBHS Impact Resistance Test Protocol for Asphalt Shingles.

Learning objectives:

•    Learn the background and science that led to the new IBHS impact resistance protocol of roofing shingles
•    Gain an overview of the IBHS test protocol 
•    Know the differences between UL 2218, FM Standards, and the IBHS protocol
•    Understand the Shingle Performance Rating Program and the published performance indicators
•    Learn about UL’s role in providing developmental testing and IBHS evaluation testing to this new protocol  


Dwayne E. Sloan, director, principal engineering, UL
Dr. Tanya Brown-Giammanco, managing director of research, South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association hail chair, IBHS

Webinar date:

February 26, 2021

Watch the on-demand webinar

UL collaborates with IBHS for testing for new shingle performance ratings

This on-demand webinar will help you learn how UL and IBHS collaborated for the New Shingle Performance Evaluation Program.