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UL 60335-2-24, Third Edition

Find out when the third edition of UL 60335-2-24 was published and the key changes to the Standard.

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Watch now: Outlook on New UL 60335-2-24 3rd Edition

Explore the latest edition of UL 60335-2-24, the Standard for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part 2-24: Particular Requirements for Refrigerating Appliances, Ice-Cream Appliances and Ice-Makers. Learn about several key changes in the third edition of the Standard, published on July 29.

The third edition works in conjunction with the sixth edition of UL 60335-1, the Standard for Safety of Household and Similar Appliances, Part 1: General Requirements, dated Oct. 31, 2016.

Webinar date: Nov. 29, 2022

Speaker: Andrew Haulotte 

As a safety science leader, UL Solutions helps develop standards, such as UL 60335-2-24, which establishes requirements for protection against a variety of hazards that can result from normal use — electrical, mechanical, thermal, fire, and radiation — as well as certain abnormal situations that might occur. Establishing consistent requirements to address current hazards plays an important role in supporting safer products in the marketplace.
This on-demand webinar will familiarize you with the differences between the second and third editions of UL 60335-2-24.

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