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  • On-demand Webinar

Reopening and Recovery: Safety Science and Project Management

Explore evidence-based strategies to help communities reopen safely, build consumer and employee confidence and restore long-lasting economic prosperity.

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create unprecedented economic and public health challenges for local governments, businesses and other institutions as they move toward reopening to a new normal.

This on-demand webinar explores fast and safe reopening and recovery using open data, project management and compliance to standards. 
Learning objectives (or key points)

Panelists discuss methods and resources that are available to local communities as they seek optimal ways to reopen and recover, with a focus on:

  • A project management approach tied to meeting safety standards
  • Decentralized, data-driven execution and communication
  • The importance of using the right software solutions to execute
  • Using third-party inspections, testing and certifications to instill consumer and employee confidence
  • Preventing future shutdowns through statistical hypothesis testing


  • Co-moderator: John Aaron, Ph.D., adjunct faculty, Elmhurst College Master of Data Science program
  • Co-moderator: Molly Tran, M.D., M.P.H., M.A., program director, Elmhurst College Master of Public Health program
  • Franck Carassus, co-founder, Opendatasoft
  • Eric Glass, senior risk and safety advisor, UL
  • Chris Ashworth, national manager built environment and sustainability, UL
  • Jennifer Atlas, global market development manager, Minitab, LLC

Webinar date:

June 18, 2020

Additional resource:

UL Ventures Webpage