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Realizing the Future of Mobility Now Summit

Our virtual event in partnership with ARTC explains how to navigate the complex safety, security, quality, performance, regulatory and sustainability challenges related to emerging autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles (ACES).

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Major technological innovation is driving substantial automotive industry changes in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Join our Realizing the Future of Mobility Now Summit in partnership with the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) and gain technical insight from speakers including the World Economic Forum®, SAE Industry Technologies Consortia® (SAE ITC), Foretellix, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, KPMG, Stantec GenerationAVTM, Aurora Labs, Great Wall Motors and Deepen AI.

This event aims to help automotive manufacturers and suppliers navigate the complex safety, security, quality, performance, regulatory and sustainability challenges related to emerging autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles (ACES). Hear what industry experts have to say about:

Event dates:

Aug. 11-13, 2021


Day 1: Autonomy, Connectivity and Electrification – the Future of Transportation
  • Welcome and introduction - Sajeev Jesudas, UL; David Low, ARTC
  • Role of Process Measures in Ensuring the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles - Mary Joyce, UL; Erich Meier, Method Park by UL
  • LIVE Panel: Future of Cybersecurity for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles - Zohar Fox, Aurora Labs; Jako Fritz, UL; Stanislav Lincer, Great Wall Motor Company China. (Moderated by CheeKheong Lin, UL)
Day 2: Laying the Groundwork for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index - Satya Ramamurthy, KPMG in Singapore 

    As the world prepares for a new reality in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, changing user needs and ESG considerations can accelerate the next round of AV development and deployment around the world. This presentation covers KPMG’s Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index (AVRI), which looks at AV readiness across 30 countries and serves as a guide to AV development and deployment for policymakers and businesses. Attendees will gain a better understanding of:

    • Overview and coverage of KPMG’s AVRI framework;
    • How countries rank on AV readiness based on the four key pillars and subcomponents;
    • Initiatives of leading countries; and
    • Key takeaways for putting AVs on the road to ubiquity.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Deployment and Challenges Facing Regulators/Policy Makers - Andrew Smart, Stantec GenerationAV™

    Deploying autonomous vehicles within any community or environment comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Currently, across the world there are little to no national frameworks when it comes to regulations or policy related to AVs, leaving it up to individual jurisdictions to determine their best path forward. This has fundamental impacts on safety and infrastructure requirements. Safety standards are very much still evolving, prompting the question: how do we ensure safe operating environments and plan for this process from a regulatory perspective? Key to our mission is integrating evolving technology and various applications and interactions with existing infrastructure, all while instilling public confidence.

  • LIVE Panel: The Role of Simulation and AI in Verification and Validation to Improve Safety in Autonomous Vehicles - Bill Taylor, kVA by UL; Ziv Binyamini, Foretellix; Goh Kah Khoon, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence; Carl Squire, IPG Automotive USA. (Moderated by Mahmood Tabaddor, UL)
Day 3: Solving the Autonomy Safety Challenge
  • World Economic Forum Safe Drive Initiative - Michelle Avary, World Economic Forum; Mohammad Musa, Deepen AI
  • Assessing Autonomy Safety - Jody Nelson, UL

    This presentation will detail the typical functional safety assessment process and provide an overview of the differences between functional safety and autonomy safety. It illustrates how workers can apply the basic concepts of the functional safety assessment to conduct an autonomy safety assessment.

    Attendees will gain a better understanding of:

    • Key aspects of a functional safety assessment
    • Notable differences between functional safety and autonomy safety
    • Key aspects of an autonomy safety assessment
  • LIVE Panel: Autonomous Vehicle Safety including SAE® and other Standards Activities, TR-68, UL 4600 Standard, ISO 21448 (SOTIF), ISO 26262 (Functional safety) - Nicholas Alexiades, UL; Edward Straub, SAE ITC; Marcelo Ang, National University of Singapore. (Moderated by Jody Nelson, UL) 


Speakers from the "Realizing the Future of Mobility Now" Summit

Sajeev JesudasSpeaker

Sajeev Jesudas, chief commercial officer, UL

Sajeev Jesudas holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the
University of Kerala and an MBA degree from the University of Texas, Austin.
He joined UL in 2001 as president for Asia Pacific operations and since then
has served in many leadership positions with increasing responsibilities, including the role of chief operating officer and president, international operations. He is the current chairman of the board of directors at the UL-CCIC joint venture company in China and sits on the board of more than 20 UL affiliated companies globally.

Before joining UL, Jesudas worked in sales, marketing and general
management for Hubbell, a leading global manufacturer of electrical and
electronic products for commercial, industrial, utility and telecommunications markets, where he also held senior positions with Middle East and Asia-Pacific regional responsibilities.


David LowSpeaker

Dr. David Low, chief executive officer, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC); executive director, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) A*STAR

David Low developed the ARTC from the concept of a public-private partnership program in 2012 to a full-fledged A*STAR Research Institute in 2017, focusing on translational advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing R&D across the supply chain for the aerospace, heavy machineries and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors. He also oversees SIMTech, a research institute developing high-value manufacturing technology and human capital to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore’s manufacturing industry.

Low received his bachelor’s degree and doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Technology (UMIST) and an MBA from INSEAD and Tsinghua University. He rose at SIMTech from a laser materials processing researcher to the group manager for machining technology. In 2007, he was presented with the MTI Borderless Gold Award for establishing the A*STAR aerospace program. 

Low joined Rolls-Royce Singapore through its inaugural Asia Future Leaders program. In his last role, he was the chief of manufacturing technology in Singapore. He received the prestigious Sir Henry Royce Team Award for Engineering Excellence in 2012 and has published over 50 journal articles, conferences, patents and book chapters.


Mary JoyceSpeaker

Mary Joyce, vice president and general manager, mobility, UL

Mary Joyce is responsible for overseeing automotive and mobility services. She brings more than 25 years of technical and entrepreneurial experience within the transportation sector to UL. Her experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service and driving profitable revenue growth.

Prior to joining UL, Joyce was the vice president of transportation testing services at SGS, a global testing, inspection and certification (TIC) company. Joyce spent more than 20 years at automotive OEMs including FCA, Daimler Chrysler and Chrysler Corporation, where she served in a variety of management roles within powertrain, ADAS, telematics, cybersecurity, electronics, electrification and operations.  


Erich MeierSpeaker

Erich Meier, chief technology officer, Method Park by UL

Erich Meier is the creator and chief architect of the Stages process management system. He holds a doctorate in computer science from the University of Erlangen, Germany and started working for Method Park in 2001, helping major corporations around the globe to develop new capabilities by improving their engineering and product development processes. Since 2007 he has served as Method Park's CTO, responsible for the global products business, technology vision and road map. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and executive events specializing in engineering process and product development transformations.


Jody NelsonSpeaker and Moderator

Jody Nelson, industrial functional safety managing director, UL

Jody Nelson received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In 2010 he co-founded kVA, a functional and autonomy safety consulting company with an emphasis on automotive safety. He has extensive knowledge in functional safety, software and hardware development, EMC, motor drives and high voltage safety in various industries including automotive, semiconductors, and other industrial applications.


Nicholas AlexiadesPanelist

Nicholas Alexiades, functional safety engineering manager, UL

Nicholas Alexiades holds a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering along with a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. He is a technical and commercial leader for functional safety within UL. At UL, Alexiades has supported the founding of UL 4600, the Standard for the Safety Evaluation of Autonomous Products. He is also a member of the SAE working groups for ISO 26262 and SOTIF, the On-Road Automated Driving Committee and others. He has supported technical audits to various functional safety and autonomy standards and understands the nuances involved in working directly with OEMs and suppliers.


Bill TaylorPanelist 

Bill Taylor, managing director, kVA by UL

Bill Taylor has worked extensively with autonomous driving system safety, electric powertrain functional safety and automotive systems engineering methods. Taylor has published more than 20 technical papers on the safety of automotive systems and has trained thousands of engineers on functional safety automotive topics worldwide.


Satya RamamurthySpeaker

Satya Ramamurthy, global co-head of public transport, KPMG in Singapore

Satya Ramamurthy has worked on urbanization and transport projects over the last 25 years across Asia and the Middle East. In particular, he has worked on the financing and commercial models using transportation as a catalyst for the economic development of cities. He has advised on transit-oriented developments and commercial programs to improve the viability of mass rapid transit infrastructure. Ramamurthy is a key member of KPMG’s Global Future Transport Technology network and has worked with governments and private sector on the opportunities and challenges posed by EV and AV.


Mahmood TabaddorModerator

Mahmood Tabaddor, PhD, research manager, UL

Mahmood Tabaddor, PhD is head of predictive modeling and analytics at UL. He has worked at Bell Labs and DaimlerChrysler, having led the use of modeling and simulation for product and process design. His focus at UL has been on using digital predictive technologies to support assessments of safety critical systems. He has given several talks on the topic of AI trustworthiness and safety of AI systems. He is also the product manager for the AI Algorithm Reproducibility claim verification mark.


Lin Chee KheongModerator

Lin Chee Kheong, TS lead principal, UL

Chee Kheong graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and holds a master’s degree in technology management from the University of Queensland. He joined UL in 2014 as manager of the Secure Evaluation lab, which resulted in the Singapore lab becoming the first outside of Europe to serve as an approved security evaluation lab for payment cards.

For the past two years, Chee Kheong has been the solutions leader for Automotive Cybersecurity within the Identity, Management and Security division of UL. He is responsible for developing a broad range of security services and solutions for the automotive industry, including training, process management, verification and validation and homologation. He has more than 20 years of experience in the domain of cybersecurity for smart cards, digital payments, connected devices and automotive. 


Ziv BinyaminiPanelist

Ziv Binyamini, CEO and co-founder, Foretellix

Ziv Binyamini is a world-renowned verification visionary with more than 30 years of experience. Previously, Ziv served as Corporate VP at Cadence, running its simulation and verification business. He also served as VP of R&D at Verisity and at Intel, leading the development of Coverage Driven Verification solutions that changed the way semiconductors were tested.


Andrew SmartSpeaker

Andrew Smart, CAV safety expert, Stantec GenerationAV™

With over 37 years of experience delivering automotive technologies as a technical and business leader, Andrew Smart is a highly respected member of the automated vehicle (AV) community. He is a lead consultant with focus on safety, testing and technical standards supporting the safe deployment of connected and automated vehicles. 

As the CTO of the American Center for Mobility, he delivered one of the first purpose-built large-scale AV test facilities in North America. While CTO of SAE International, he was responsible for all technical programs, including voluntary standards development for AVs and cybersecurity. Smart is the chair of the AV Test Site Community of Practice, which is a task force under SAE’s On Road Automated Driving Committee.


Jako FritzPanelist

Jako Fritz, S&S principal security advisor, UL

Jako Fritz graduated from the University of Twente with a bachelor’s degree in telematics and a master’s degree in computer science. He joined UL in 2014 as a security analyst for the mobile Security Evaluation lab and has worked closely with payment schemes and standardization bodies to establish security requirements and assessment methodologies for mobile payment solutions. He has acted as solutions leader for mobile security certification for several years, was responsible for developing a broad range of security services and solutions including the security certification services for mobile wallets, mobile payment acceptance and mobile identity management systems.

For the past two years Fritz has been involved in standardization efforts in the automotive space by actively participating in the development of the UN ECE R155 and R156 regulations, as well as the ISO 21434 and ISO 5112 standards, as a seconded national expert.


Edward StraubPanelist

Edward Straub, DM, director, Office of Automation, SAE International

Edward Straub coordinates industry, government and cross-functional activities related to automated vehicles at SAE. He is the vice president of land systems for SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC) and the director of SAE International’s office of automation. He is responsible for providing a systems view of emerging automated vehicle technologies and their impact on industry and the socio-technical landscape; operational and safety considerations; and standards and best practices. Dr. Straub contributes to numerous global standards activities, reports and research initiatives related to automated vehicle technologies and their safe deployment.  


Marcelo AngPanelist

Dr. Marcelo H. Ang Jr., professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Marcelo H. Ang, Jr. received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial management engineering from De La Salle University, Manila and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, respectively; along with master’s and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester in  New York. His work experience includes heading the Technical Training division of Intel's Assembly and Test Facility in the Philippines, research positions at the East West Center in Hawaii and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a position as an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Rochester. In 1989, Dr. Ang joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Singapore, where he is currently a professor and the acting director of the Advanced Robotics Centre. His research interests include robotics, mechatronics and applications of intelligent systems methodologies. 


Mohammad MusaSpeaker

Mohammad Musa, founder and CEO, Deepen AI

Mohammad Musa founded Deepen AI in 2017 to solve critical bottlenecks preventing faster adoption of autonomy and robotics products. He was head of the Google Apps Product Launch Team, now a part of the Google Cloud Platform. Prior to his employment at Google, he worked as a software engineer at Havok (acquired by Intel), Emergent Game Technology (acquired by Gamebase) and Sonics (acquired by Facebook).


Michelle AvarySpeaker

Michelle Avary, head, automotive and autonomous mobility, World Economic Forum

Michelle Avary oversees a team and initiatives at the World Economic Forum ensuring road transit is safe, clean and inclusive. She serves as head of the Automotive Governors, a group that meets annually in Davos, leads the Global AV Technology Council aiming to close technology governance gaps and works with governments to pilot policy frameworks.

Avary holds a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree from the University of San Francisco, both in economics; she also studied international law and economics at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. She was formerly vice president of products and strategy at Aeris, director of telematics at Toyota Motor Sales, co-founder of Drive Time Metrics, founder of Women in Automotive Technology, advisor to several startups and executive director for the Future of Automotive Security and Technology Research, as well as a member of the LA Auto Show’s advisory board. She holds several globally recognized patents for telematics technologies, with more pending.


Stanislav LincerPanelist

Stanislav Lincer, functional safety and cybersecurity director, Great Wall Motor Company China

Stanislav Lincer has dedicated 20 years to research and development in the electronics field, of which the last 15 have been dedicated to automotive safety. During his stay in Germany, he oversaw electrical powertrain safety practices at BMW. In 2017, Stanislav joined Great Wall Motors, accepting the challenge to steer electronics safety as part of the company’s exciting digitization journey.


Zohar FoxPanelist

Zohar Fox, co-founder and CEO, Aurora Labs

Zohar Fox is the co-founder and CEO at Aurora Labs, the Software Intelligence company. Through Zohar’s technical leadership, Aurora Labs is improving the user experience and lowering the cost of software quality, safety and security for complex and dynamic automotive software systems. Fox was recently awarded the 2021 AI Excellence award for his use of AI to improve automotive software quality. Prior to co-founding Aurora Labs, his 20-year career spanned technology and sales leadership roles in Rosslare Security, Essence, Verifone and Orpak Systems. Fox received his computer engineering degree from Tel Aviv University..


Kah Khoon GohPanelist

Kah Khoon Goh, vice president of sales and manufacturing for Korea, ASEAN, Pacific and India, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Kah Khoon Goh holds a master’s degree in electronic and electrical engineering from University College London. He was a Singapore Armed Forces Merit Scholarship recipient, took coursework at the Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr in Germany and was responsible for establishing international agreements with major military partners globally, including securing Singapore armed forces’ long-term access to training facilities in the U.S., Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand and Brunei.

Kah Khoon leads Hexagon’s Smart Factory and digitization solutions for e-mobility, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medtech projects in the region. He drives developmental strategy for new regional market growth, bringing Hexagon’s full suite of technological solutions to partners and manufacturing end-users to help increase their productivity, speed to market, quality performance and cost-reduction potential.

Before joining Hexagon, he was the executive director of a precision engineering company, responsible for three facilities in Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, along with business development for Europe, Mexico, Japan and ASEAN.


Carl SquirePanelist

Carl Squire, managing director, IPG Automotive USA

Carl Squire leads IPG’s sales and engineering activities in North America and has over 30 years of experience in automotive development and testing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Wayne State University and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He started in the industry as a product engineer with Ford Motor Company and served as the U.S. President for ETAS, a division of the Bosch Group, before joining IPG in 2016. Carl’s focus at IPG is working with automotive and commercial vehicle companies to implement virtual test-driving solutions for developing and validating advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving controls.



Welcome and Introduction

Sajeev Jesudas, UL and David Low, ARTC


Role of Process Measures in Ensuring the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles

Mary Joyce, UL and Erich Meier, Method Park by UL


Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index

Satya Ramamurthy, KPMG in Singapore 

Autonomous Vehicle Deployment and Challenges Facing Regulators/Policy Makers

Andrew Smart, Stantec GenerationAV™

Live Panel: The Role of Simulation and AI in Verification and Validation to Improve Safety in Autonomous Vehicles

Mahmood Tabaddor, UL, moderator

World Economic Forum Safe Drive Initiative

Michelle Avary, World Economic Forum and Mohammad Musa, Deepen AI

Assessing Autonomy Safety

Jody Nelson, UL

Live Panel: Autonomous Vehicle Safety including SAE® and other Standards Activities, TR-68, UL 4600 Standard, ISO 21448 (SOTIF), ISO 26262 (Functional safety)

Jody Nelson, UL, moderator

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