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Preparing for UKCA Compliance eBook: An Introduction to Marking Needs for Access to the U.K. and EU Markets

This guide explains how UL Solutions can help manufacturers transition from the CE to UKCA marking, and maintain both markings for broader market access.

Port, containers, Ship, plane distributing products for market access

Businesses must prepare for the end of CE marking recognition on products sold or distributed in the U.K.

Although the EU will continue to require CE marking for products with harmonized European standards, England, Scotland and Wales will require the new U.K. Conformity Assessment (UKCA) marking.

In order for building products and materials manufacturers to avoid supply chain complications, ensure proper vendor arrangements and mitigate delays after UKCA marking is enforced, is to: Understand common pitfalls, make necessary preparations and find an Approved Body partner who can help achieve market access.

This guide explains:

  • Similarities between CE and UKCA markings.  
  • Common pitfalls when pursuing UKCA compliance. 
  • Actions to consider as you prepare for the UKCA marking.
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Preparing for UKCA Compliance: An introduction to marking needs for access to the U.K. and EU markets

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