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Overview of India EMC Regulations: BIS and TEC

Hear about the latest developments in the Indian regulations related to EMC by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC).

Engineer in a semi anechoic chamber with energy absorbers and bilog antenna setup for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) radiated immunity testing.

With recent focus on consumer interest, both BIS and TEC have introduced new requirements in product testing. Additionally, in order to make the product certification process more transparent, changes have been made to the application process. 

This webinar focuses on sharing the latest updates and guidelines from BIS and TEC. We will also introduce you to UL’s capabilities in India to support you with these changes in the regulation requirements. 
We will also cover some of the difficulties of deploying this technology, the operational and technical barriers that must be faced, and present some ideas on how to address these challenges.

Suresh GN, UL Project Engineer 

Webinar date
September 22, 2020

Overview of India EMC Regulations: BIS and TEC