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OpenADR and CTA-2045/EcoPort Testing

Differentiate your energy-efficient products by learning how OpenADR/EcoPort certification provides manufacturers with the credentials to market and sell their products.

Sunset behind electrical power lines and buildings.

Watch now: OpenADR & CTA-2045-EcoPort Testing

With worldwide energy demand growing, resource allocation is becoming more of a priority. The OpenADR Alliance is working to standardize the new playing field with an open, highly secure two-way information exchange model for utilities.

ANSI/CTA-2045 specifies the standard technology that energy management signals and messages use to reach modular communications interfaces (MCI). These devices facilitate communications with energy management applications and transmissions between the power grid and residential devices, allowing consumers to shift or reduce their electricity usage during peak times.

OpenADR is the standardized process for the demand response protocol, and it defines the interface a utility company uses to interact with consumer products. Utility companies can remotely communicate with consumer devices and adjust power load using this technology to reduce grid stress and make it more manageable.

Webinar date: Feb. 22, 2023
Speakers: Bryan Hlavin and Rolf Bienert


This on-demand webinar will familiarize you with:

  • What OpenADR is, including its entities and services.
  • How to find certified products.
  • What EcoPort is and how it’s related to CTA-2-45.
  • The certification process.
  • Why you should consider testing with UL Solutions and how we test products.
  • An overview of OpenADR and CTA-2045/EcoPort testing standards.


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