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The Marketing Leader’s Guide to UL Prospector® Webinars

In this brief e-book, we quickly share the insights we’ve gained at UL Prospector from producing over 650 webinars.

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Webinars continue to drive high levels of customer engagement and lead generation. In fact, registrations for UL Prospector® webinars have increased by 60% in 2023.

As the leader in connecting material suppliers and buyers, we are eager to share our data-driven insights on the biggest factors impacting webinar registrations.

In this e-book, you’ll learn more about our winning formula, including:

  • What type of content drives webinar registrations  
  • Master the perfect days and times per region for maximum attendance
  • How to strike the ideal balance between product and educational content for successful engagement
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The Marketing Leader’s Guide to Webinars

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