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ISO 19014 - Construction Machinery: Functional Safety for Earth Moving Machinery Professionals and eXperts

The following individuals have achieved status as an UL Certified Functional Safety Professional or eXpert.

First Name Last Name Country Certificate Type Certificate Number Expiration Date
George Beri Canada UL-CFSP ISO 19014 FSPCE1004 4/30/2027
Gianluca Giorgio Italy UL-CFSP ISO 19014 FSPCE1006 5/31/2027
Riley Nijenhuis Canada UL-CFSP ISO 19014 FSPCE1001 12/31/2026
Danika Pauze Canada UL-CFSP ISO 19014 FSPCE1002 2/28/2027
Jakob Smeda Canada UL-CFSP ISO 19014 FSPCE1005 4/30/2027
Feng Tao USA UL-CFSP ISO 19014 FSPCE1007 5/31/2027
Ian Wigboldus Canada UL-CFSP ISO 19014 FSPCE1003 2/28/2027

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