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Industry, Academic and UL Solutions Experts Discuss the Safety of Autonomous Robots

Learn hardware considerations, what aspects of a robot need artificial intelligence (AI) and the role of functional safety.

Engineer assembling robotic car

Machine learning and artificial intelligence for co-bots

At a panel discussion at ValleyML AI Expo 2020, experts from UL, Fort Robotics, Moog and the University of Louisville delved into how the growing use of artificial intelligence in robot design may impact safety. 

Discussion topics included the following:

  • The benefits and challenges of various forms of AI in robots 
  • What aspects of robot performance require AI 
  • Hardware considerations 
  • Considerations for designing sensors, controls and actuators 
  • The role of functional safety 
  • Can systems be made fail proof? 
  • How manufacturers can minimize risk 
  • Cybersecurity considerations
  • Limitations of simulation and modeling in algorithm testing 
  • Considerations when doing integration testing of complex third-party components

Panel speakers: 
Nathan Bivans, CTO of Fort Robotics 
Mark Underhill, principal engineer for Moog 
Roman Yampolskiy, professor of computer science and engineering at University of Louisville Mahmood Tabaddor, head of predictive modeling and analytics for UL Solutions

The panel was moderated by Jason Smith, principal engineer for UL Solutions' Consumer Technology Division.

The Safety of Autonomous Robots