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How To Make Your Safety Data Sheets Compliant & Ensure Appropriate Emergency Response Provision

Join UL & NCEC to learn how to avoid common safety data sheets deficiencies, key SDS considerations, and how emergency response relates to the SDS.

Communication Enhancement Systems for Emergency Responders

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – though a legal requirement – are a common compliance challenge faced by the chemicals industry. They demand continual reviews and updates to ensure they are fit for purpose and can deliver key safety information when required. 

An important requirement of Safety Data Sheets is an emergency telephone number. This number should provide fast access to competent personnel who can offer clear and appropriate advice in the event of an incident.

Join Charlotte Blackburn, Regulatory Specialist at UL, and Craig Thomson, Associate Director at NCEC, to learn:

  • How to avoid common SDS deficiencies
  • Key SDS considerations including global requirements, specialist areas, quality, updates and supply chains
  • About emergency response and the SDS, for supply, for transport, for employee safety and for notification of an incident in the supply chain
  • Why it is important that the number displayed section 1.4 connects to an appropriate emergency response provider who can provide actionable advice
  • How to ensure your emergency response provision is suitable for your needs, follows best practice and minimises your business risks.