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How to Increase Your Business in the US Market for Electrified Furniture

Join UL experts to gain insight into the U.S. market for electrified furniture.

Photo of a blue couch with orange throw pillows

UL’s product experts will present a comprehensive review of the trends for electrified furniture in the U.S. market and testing and certification requirements. They will share advice to help furniture exporters improve the quality and safety of their products to gain acceptance into the U.S. market.

UL Standards, including UL 962, are recognized in North America for household and commercial furnishings, and help companies verify that products meet electrical, flammability and personal injury safety requirements. Most North American distributors and integrators ask for a third-party certification by UL 962 to minimize the risk of non-conformity of imported products and gain a higher acceptance rate by regulatory authorities. Products that feature the UL Certification Mark demonstrate compliance with model installation codes and may result in faster inspections. 


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