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How to Certify Your Cord Tag Label to UL 969A

UL Solutions Marking and Labeling Systems Program can help original equipment manufacturers stay up to date with the relevant product marking and labeling requirements.

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Labels provide users with critical safety-related information for a wide variety of products. Government regulations, codes, distributors and retailers often require electrical and electronic products to be permanently marked with specific safety-related information, including hazards, warnings, cautionary markings, installation instructions and electrical ratings. Compliance with these requirements helps ensure that the labels will adhere to the application surface and that the text conveying the product’s intended use will remain legible.

UL Solutions experts can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) stay up to date with the relevant product requirements for marking permanence.

We offer testing and certification services to widely referenced standards, including UL 969A, the Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems — Flag Labels, Flag Tags, Wrap-Around Labels and Related Products.

Furthermore, our certification database, UL Product iQ®, can help companies meet the challenge of sourcing compliant labels. Simply search our database to find certified labels appropriate for the intended end-use application.

To learn more about how UL Solutions can help you demonstrate your product labels’ suitability and compliance with UL 969A or help you source compliant labels, download our decision tree.

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How to certify your cord tag label to UL 969A

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Compliance Guidelines for Marking and Labeling Systems

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