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Global Environmental and Sustainability Regulatory Updates 2023 – NA/Europe Session

The purpose of this on-demand webinar is to provide global regulatory updates on new or amended regulations concerning environmental topics applicable to electrical and electronic products.

The world is in the grass of the green bokeh background.

Watch the video: Global Environmental and Sustainability Regulatory Updates 2023

In a world where climate change and environmental protection are the main topics at regulatory tables around the world, keeping up with the fragmented global regulatory environment is the real challenge for producers and importers of all categories of products.

The webinar will cover environmental regulatory changes for countries around the world. 

Regulatory changes will include both finalized main provisions with mandatory effective dates in 2023 and 2024 or beyond, to which products sold or exported into different countries should comply in order to access the respective market and provisions under discussion. This allows producers and importers to be prior informed on what’s changing and to actively participate through their comments in the legislative process.

Webinar date: Nov. 22, 2023
Speaker: Serena Pantano


The focus of this webinar is to provide the latest news coming from different regions in the field of environment and sustainability topics applied to electrical and electronic products. These include provisions on:

  • New restricted chemical substances in EEE, exemptions and expanded scope regulation.
  • Regulation for products in contact with food and water.
  • Waste management rules.
  • Environmental marking of goods and packaging. 
  • Product sustainability requirements.
  • Plastic pollution measures.

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