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Eight Tips to Help Make FCC Certification Easier

Learn best practices for reaching FCC compliance.

The FCC regulates radio frequency waves in North America.

FCC testing and certification 

Products covered by U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations include various consumer technology devices, industrial devices and wireless devices with Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, Zigbee® and/or cellular connectivity. 

Eight tips to achieve successful FCC testing and certification

Let's take a look at a few precursory steps toward FCC testing and certification. In order for the process to be conducted in a streamlined manner, it’s important to observe and take note of certification’s integral factors, including common mistakes that can interrupt the process: 

  1. Applicants should allow at least two weeks for the process to complete, given the product is of the correct standard.
  2. Provide a detailed description of your product. Make sure you know your product inside and out, and that you’ll be able to answer any questions concerning its intended use and technical makeup.
  3. Follow all prescribed FCC labeling. Ensure that your product adheres to all FCC rules necessary for certification.
  4. Study the customer-supplied items document in order to fill out a successful application.
  5. Provide the testing laboratory with all necessary information. Make sure all info is correct in order to avoid interruptions in the process.
  6. As a manufacturer, it is your responsibility to provide test samples that are accurate for the required test modes.
  7. If your product is equipped with a fundamentally new design, it’s important to make sure the correct tests are applied in order to avoid interruptions in the process.
  8. During the application process, be sure to write clear and concise exhibits. Double-check that the information listed in the exhibits doesn’t compromise the confidential features of your product.

A guide to smooth FCC certification  

In order for manufacturers of these products to export to the U.S., FCC certification must be achieved. To help with that effort, we have written an article showing the most common mistakes manufacturers can avoid when applying for FCC certification.

Watch this video to see UL Solutions' tips. Download the guide 8 Tips for a Smooth FCC Certification to read in-depth recommendations on how to put these tips into action.


8 Tips for a Smooth FCC Certification