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Color Codes and Abbreviations for Plastics Recognition

Learn more about the abbreviations on UL Recognized Components.


This is to help you learn more about our color codes and abbreviations. Each abbreviation on a UL Recognized Component represents the following color: 

Abbreviation Color
AL Aluminum
ALL Any color
AM Amber
AO All opaque
AT All transparent
BG Beige
BK Black
BL Blue
BN Brown
BZ Bronze
CH Charcoal
CL Clear
CT Clear Transparent
DK Dark
GD Gold
GN Green
GT Granite
GY Gray
IV Ivory
LT Light
NC Natural (no pigmentation)
OL Olive
OP Opaque
OR Orange
PK Pink
RD Red
SM Smoke
TL Translucent
TN Tan
TP Transparent
VT Violet
WT White
YL Yellow

Miscellaneous abbreviations

The following abbreviations may be used in the column headings of individual recognitions.  

Abbreviation Term
Min Thk. mm Minimum thickness in millimeters
Flame class UL 94 Flammability Classification
HWI Hote wire ignition
HAI High amp arc ignition
RTI Relative temperature index
Elec Electrical
Imp Impact
Str Strength
CTI Comparative tracking index
HVTR High voltage arc tracking rate
D495 ASTM D495 arc resistance

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