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Building Envelope: Origin and Consequences of Moisture

Moisture can alter building envelope durability. Unwanted humidity can weaken building structures and compromise human health and safety. Learn how to avoid such harmful consequences in buildings.

Technicians use a device to measure moisture levels

Watch the video: Advisory Humidity Control

In this interactive webinar on moisture in the building envelope, we’ll discuss:

  • The main roles of a building envelope
  • The different sources of moisture that can cause premature damage to these envelopes
  • The most common pathologies found in different types of envelopes
  • Some rules of good construction practice to avoid the development of these pathologies
  • The main methods of investigation of envelope failures related to these sources of moisture

Webinar date: Nov. 15, 2022

Speaker: Myles Carter, principal engineer, general manager, Advisory Services, UL Solutions Built Environment


  • Present the various types of envelopes and their limitations/weaknesses with respect to moisture
  • Identify the main sources of moisture that can affect the envelope
  • Present various investigation methods

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