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Assess wind power potential before committing to a location with our fast, accurate site prospecting software.

Windnavigator dashboard displayed on tablet

Windnavigator is an online dashboard designed to support preliminary stages of wind project development. Our convenient platform allows you to easily prospect greenfield sites, identify locations for wind monitoring campaigns and compare project sites. 

Our online dashboard allows you to

  • View high resolution (200 meter) global wind resource maps in a Bing Maps environment
  • Query wind statistics at user selected hub heights (10 meters – 140 meters)
  • Obtain wind speed values, Weibull values, wind roses and monthly distributions
  • Download typical yearlong term datasets and wind resource grids to use for MCP analysis, site meteorological towers, design wind turbine layouts and obtain preliminary energy estimates
  • Download site-specific wind resource and energy assessment reports 

Our Windnavigator dashboard subscription includes

  • Global access to wind speed maps and statistics 
  • Global reanalysis points
  • Several complimentary datasets 
  • Advanced site-specific reports

We can also create customized wind site assessment dashboards and APIs that draw from the interface, data and reporting tools available in Windnavigator.

Click to learn more about Windnavigator subscriptions, pricing, customization capabilities and how to obtain a day pass. 

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