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HOMER® Pro Optimization Modeling for Hybrid Microgrids

Design least-cost solutions for your microgrids and distributed generation systems with HOMER Pro – the trusted, standard-setting and distributed energy resource modeling software.

Person using HOMER Pro microgrid software on a laptop

Optimize your microgrid design

UL’s HOMER Pro modeling software provides insight into the complexities and tradeoffs of designing cost-effective, reliable microgrids or distributed energy resources in all sectors – from village power to islanded utilities. 

Built on the trusted, standard-setting HOMER software, HOMER Pro optimizes and simulates hybrid energy systems that combine conventional and renewable energy, storage and load management. One software product contains three powerful tools, enabling engineering and economics to work side by side and provide insights that drive informed decisions so you can design your system with confidence.

The benefits of using HOMER Pro include:

  • Reduce costs of proposal development by determining early stage project feasibility
  • Achieve least-cost design by building out the basic design of a microgrid or distributed energy resource (DER) system
  • Mitigate project risk by considering all options and scenarios
  • Compare competitive components in various simulated environments
  • Identify price points at which different technologies become competitive
  • Produce insightful customer-facing proposals that demonstrate system value

Gain understanding and manage costs of your hybrid energy system design

At its core, HOMER is a simulation model. The software simulates the operation of a hybrid microgrid for an entire year — in time-steps from one minute to one hour — looking at all possible combinations of equipment. HOMER simulates hundreds or even thousands of systems in a single model run and presents options for an optimal system.

Easy and efficient analysis

HOMER Pro makes it easy to compare thousands of possibilities in just a single run, examining all potential combinations of system types and then sorting the systems according to the optimization variable of choice. This allows you to see the impact of variables beyond your control, such as wind speed and fuel costs, and understand how the optimal system changes with these variations.

Insightful customer-facing proposals

Quickly turn your analysis into a branded proposal that demonstrates cost-savings to your customer. Present key aspects of a proposed system, offer clear cost comparisons and outline economic value streams.

You can save time and earn customer trust with a professional proposal.

Simplified optimization

HOMER Pro features our proprietary optimization algorithm that significantly simplifies the design process for identifying least-cost options for microgrids or other distributed generation electrical power systems. HOMER Optimizer™ is a derivative-free optimization algorithm that was designed specifically to work in HOMER.

Customizable design

HOMER Pro can be customized with up to nine individual modules to meet your specific modeling needs:

  • Biomass
  • Hydro
  • Combined heat and power
  • Advanced load
  • Advanced grid
  • Hydrogen
  • Advanced storage
  • Multi-year
  • Link to MathWorks®  MATLAB® 

Learn more about HOMER Pro 

Download a complimentary 21-day trial and put the power of HOMER to work for you.

We are amazed at both the thoroughness of the software and the design complexity that it allows us to relatively quickly evaluate. To our knowledge, there is no other software on the market that matches HOMER for designing renewable energy systems.

  • Lisa Michael
  • Anchorage, Alaska, USA
  • Renewable Energy Systems

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